MSNBC anchor dings Biden on claim Build Back Better costs $0: ‘Mathematics that I am not yet familiar with’


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Stephanie Ruhle: We don’t know what’s even in a proposed $3.5-trillion reconciliation package

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MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle questions the Biden administration’s math as it continues to claim “zero dollars” cost Biden’s estimated $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan.

Biden claimed, “The president’s plan will not increase our national deficit and anyone who earns no less than $400,000 per year will increase their taxes by a dime.” “It is fully paid for by ensuring the large corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share.”


“It’s a math I’m not yet familiar with,” Ruhle said of the White House claim Tuesday after interviewing Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. “But we’ll see.”

Ruhle proposed that the White House is pursuing an “ambitious” plan.

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PSAKI reprimanded for not providing any explanation as to why manufacturing didn’t cost better: ‘Because it won’t’

The administration has hit a snag with Americans, as recent polling showed that only 10% of people know “too many nuances” in the president’s economic plan. Ruhle thought this was the reason Biden’s economic agenda has been so hard to sell to the American people, because they “don’t know what’s out there, and you don’t know what will happen in the end except with priorities.” He said the message from the administration was “very confusing”.

Critics of Biden’s claim have called him “financially illiterate”.

White House continues to debunk zero-cost claim on Biden’s agenda

It has been rejected on several occasions by both Republican and Democratic analysts.

Washington Post fact-checker Glen Kessler Called The zero-cost claim was “misleading” and argued that lawmakers “play all kinds of budget games to achieve that mythical zero within a 10-year budget framework.” Wall Street Journal Editorial Board argued The $3.5 trillion number is based on “budget gimmicks including entitlement phase-outs and phase-ins” and the actual cost “will be at least $5 trillion, probably much more.”

Seeing as a chance on Tuesday a lengthy explanation for why Biden’s plan won’t cost anything, Psaki gave the White House a flippant, nonfiction answer.

“Because it won’t,” she said.

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