Monica Lewinsky says cancel culture has ‘become a little too broad’


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Lewinsky examines cancel culture and public shaming in documentary ’15 Minutes of Shame’

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Monica Lewinsky has joined a group of public figures to criticize the canceled culture.

In the documentary “15 Minutes of Shame,” which he executive produced, Lewinsky referred to himself as “Patient Zero” for publicly shaming. In recent years, suffering from an early version of cancellation, she has been very open about struggling to move on from her scandal.


During An appearance on “The Daily Show” Lewinsky addressed the cancellation culture and its wider implications.

“One of the factors – and we take people through it in the film – is around the idea of ​​how shame was used as a social tool from the beginning of time. When the printing press was invented, So it was a sudden jump—being something that couldn’t be commoditized,” she explained.

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WARNING: The video below contains graphic language.

“15 Minutes of Shame” examines the many real-life stories of non-celebrities who have been canceled or publicly shamed through various means. It also examines the history of shamanism, which dates back many centuries.

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“Once the tabloid culture pervaded every area of ​​our culture, causing the death of Princess Diana—which was a function of the paparazzi living in that world, the tabloid world, that’s where they income—and that moment was, ” He remembered. “That was only five months before 1998 [when the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal broke]So we didn’t make any cultural changes.”

She continued: “The Internet was there when ’98 happened, it grew from there.”

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Lewinsky said that today, the culture of public shaming and cancellation is “so much about power.”

“Are there people in power who should face the consequences? Absolutely,” he said. “But are there people who are not in positions of power who are facing the same outcome and that has ruined their lives in a way that is very different? Yes to that too.”

Ultimately, Lewinsky called Cancel Culture and the term “became a little too broad” for his tastes.

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