Monica Lewinsky recalls comeback from Clinton scandal shaming: ‘I set out to heal’


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Monica Lewinsky is opening up about the effects of the Clinton scandal.

Now 48, she made headlines in 1998, when news broke that she and President Bill Clinton were having an affair, which contributed to his impeachment proceedings that same year.


In recent years, Lewinsky has been vocal about the scandal and scrutiny she faced, as well as the impact it had on her life after her impeachment ended.

during an appearance on “The Daily Show” On Wednesday night, the public figure addressed the struggles he faced.

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WARNING: Graphic Language

“It was not a straight line for her and it was not a linear process at all,” she said of how she came to reclaim her narrative. “It happened in stages.”

“My ability to see and understand what had happened to me and the consequences of some of those things didn’t become apparent for years — for a decade,” she continued. “It wasn’t until I dropped out of graduate school that I had a master’s in social psychology from the London School of Economics and I couldn’t get hired.”

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Such an experience made her feel that the scandal had done “much more damage” to her life than she initially realized.

“I didn’t set out to reclaim my narrative, I set out to recover,” Lewinsky explained. “…I did a lot of consciousness and energy work, but I’ve also done a lot of healing, so I think that was the process and as I was changing, the world was changing as well.”

Eventually, after seeing others publicly shamed, Lewinsky said that he felt “there might be some legitimacy or some help if I’m a poster child for being publicly shamed, and my life just can’t be great.” But I’m still here. It might help someone.”

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