Moderna says COVID booster, like flu vaccine, could be yearly


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Moderna Chairman Nubar Afyan also discussed the development of a single vaccine that combines a COVID booster with a flu shot

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Moderna co-founder and president Nubar Afyan discussed a new COVID-19 therapeutic and booster shots during an exclusive interview on “Morning with Maria” on Tuesday, noting that there’s a similar “continuous need for boosting” every year. Might be possible. What do we do with the flu vaccine.”

“We’re not really going to be sure until we look back,” he told host Maria Bartiromo.


“We just don’t know if this virus is going to travel from a pandemic to a potentially endemic virus that we’ll have to get used to living with,” Afyan said.

“If this is where it ends up, it may need an annual booster, potentially varying from year to year or every few years as the virus varies, similar to how we treat the flu.” What do we do with the vaccine and so I think if we end up there, there will be a need for continued promotion”

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He stressed that “boosting gives us antibodies that are the first line of defense in our bodies to stop or counteract the virus.”

In September, Moderna said for the first time that it was developing a single vaccine that combines a booster dose against COVID-19 with its experimental flu shot.

Speaking with Bartiromo on Thursday, he discussed trials of the company’s mRNA seasonal flu vaccine.

“We are very excited to announce several months ago that we are going to be developing a seasonal flu vaccine, which we very much hope to have data about in the not-too-distant future,” Afyan said. “And we hope to see similarly encouraging results from mRNA across platforms so that we can show robust and effective vaccination.”

“Once we’ve done that, we’ve also said publicly that we’ll probably be combining these so that in the future a seasonal vaccine for COVID-19 as well as a combination of mRNA for seasonal flu or any variant of COVID Maybe. Us at that time,” he continued. “So it’s a major convenience, compliance and security mechanism.”

He also noted that “in addition, we’re looking to add additional vaccines and respirators potentially in combination so that we can think about this type of protection based on how we’re living, co-existence with viruses that can be are rising in context. Threat to us.”

Moderna has a total of 37 programs in the development of 34 development candidates, including 22 in ongoing clinical studies.

CVS, Walgreens offer advanced, COVID-19 booster shots to J&K recipients

Some people who received the Pfizer vaccination months ago are eligible for a booster, and now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says specific Moderna and Johnson & Johnson recipients are also eligible.

As a result, more than 9,800 CVS pharmacies across the country are now offering the Modern COVID-19 Booster Shot to the eligible population in addition to the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Booster.

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In addition, eligible patients can receive a Moderna or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine booster shot at Walgreens stores nationwide.

Consumers who are six months before their last Pfizer or Moderna vaccination are urged to receive a booster if they are 65 years of age or older, a nursing home resident, or at least 50 and known to have health problems. The reason is an increased risk of serious illness.

Adults of any age at increased risk of infection because of health problems or their job or living conditions are also allowed to receive a booster. This includes health care workers, teachers and people in prisons or homeless shelters.

Afyan said that “we certainly think that this will be a record year for us and a very strong foundation for what is to come in the future” as the world gets greater access to the primary vaccine and “booster applications in developed countries.” Begins “Get off now.”

Moderna spoke with Bartiromo a day after he said a low dose of its COVID-19 vaccine is safe and appears to be working in children ages 6 to 11, as the company is working with its rival Pfizer to expand the shots to children. moving in the direction of.

In a news release, Moderna said preliminary results from a study where two shots containing half the dose given to adults were given a month to a group of 6- to 11-year-old children, in addition to levels in vaccinated children. Similar virus-fighting antibodies were developed. Which young adults produce after full force shots.

Moderna hasn’t got the green light to offer Teenage yet, but the company is conducting a low-dose study in young children while they wait.

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s vaccine doses for children are nearing widespread use because they are currently being evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for children ages 5 to 11. Those doses could be available as early as November and Pfizer’s vaccine is already authorized for anyone. 12 or more.

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On Tuesday, FDA advisors will weigh Pfizer’s evidence in a public meeting and if the agency authorizes Pfizer’s shots for children, next week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to recommend who should get them. needed.

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