Miya Marcano case: Body found in Florida confirmed as college student’s; family’s lawyer lashes out


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The prime suspect is a maintenance worker at his building who was found dead a few days after his disappearance

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The Orange County Chief Medical Examiner confirmed Tuesday that a body found last weekend in Florida was confirmed to be that of 19-year-old college student Mia Marcano, who had been missing for a week.

A lawyer for Marcano’s family rebuked on Tuesday, saying the family was considering prosecuting the owners of an apartment complex where the woman lived.


Officials said the student’s remains were found on Saturday in a wooded area outside a Timber Scan condominium.

He said the prime suspect in his death was a maintenance worker in the building who later committed suicide.

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The cause of Marcano’s death has not been disclosed, Orlando’s Granthshala 35 reported.

Authorities said late last week that the maintenance worker, Armando Caballero, improperly used the master key to enter her apartment on the day she went missing, saying she had lost her romantic interest at different times. The advances were repeatedly “shocked”.

Detectives spoke to Caballero after Marcano was reported missing, but at the time there was no evidence of him being taken into custody.

Upon learning that he had broken into her apartment before she disappeared, they obtained a warrant for his arrest. His body was then found inside a garage, dead from an apparent suicide.

‘Life taken away’

According to Granthshala 35, Daryl Washington, Marcano’s family attorney, said Tuesday, “It takes you so long to get a positive identification that gives you an idea of ​​what this young woman went through.” His life and his life were taken away from him as a result of the negligence of this apartment complex.”

Photographs of Armando Caballero, who died of an apparent suicide a few days after Marcano's disappearance.

Washington said the family could seek legal action against her apartment complex over alleged slow communication with investigators that may have stymied the arrest.

“We understand that the suspect had bruises on his hands and bruises on his face,” he said, Granthshala 35 informed of. “Those were just a lot of things I think they found reliable enough information to take this man into custody.”

The FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement searched three counties in search of her body before it was found.

Granthshala News’ Andrew Mark Miller contributed to this report.

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