Missouri law enforcement confronts online rumors surrounding missing woman: ‘This isn’t a TV series’


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33-year-old Cassidy has been missing rainwater since July 25

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The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri on Thursday debunked online rumors about an unsolved missing person.

Cassidy Rainwater, 33, has been missing since July 25, and while the sheriff’s office has arrested two suspects in connection with her disappearance, officials are trying to debunk an online rumor about Rainwater’s whereabouts.


“There is a lot of misinformation and rumors about the Cassidy Rainwater case circulating on social media and various news platforms,” ​​Dallas County Sheriff Scott Rice said in a statement posted to Facebook on Thursday. “While I understand people’s impatience and curiosity, I’m going to give you one piece of advice. It’s not a good idea to listen to a ‘crime reporter/blogger’ or [TikTok] Videos sitting in their apartment or in their mom and dad’s basement eating Great Value Cheese puffs and drinking box wine with the grand intentions of being a social media superstar.”

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Rice continued: “If you’re hanging [e]The very word is such nonsense, assuming it’s true you are living in a fantasy world. This is not a TV series or movie where we go on commercial breaks and get lab results in 15 minutes. It takes such a long time of 168 hours to search a crime scene for 7 days 24 hours. What is posted on social media has a CRAP of 99.999999%.

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The sheriff said his office has “all parties involved in the Cassidy Rainwater case” and that officers expect to file additional charges against those suspects “in the coming days.”

A caller reported Rainwater’s disappearance in August, but told the sheriff’s office that she was last seen in July. The FBI is involved in the case and has sent information to the sheriff’s office that led to the arrest of two suspects in September.

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On September 16, Dallas County deputies received information from an agency that took them to a home in the county’s Windyville area, where officers arrested 58-year-old James Phelps, who was being held without bond in the Dallas County Jail on charges of kidnapping. Used to be. On September 22, sheriff’s representatives arrested Timothy Norton, 56, of Lebanon, Missouri, on kidnapping charges. Both were arrested in the rain water case.

Phelps reportedly told police that Rainwater was staying at her property until she was “back on her feet,” but she was in mid-July, possibly to Colorado, according to a local news outlet. Has gone springfield news-leader.

The Sheriff’s Office continues its investigation into Rainwater’s disappearance and accepts suggestions from the FBI.

“This is an incredibly difficult time for Cassidy’s family and friends,” the department said in an October 4 statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with him. We want you all to respect his privacy.”

According to court documents obtained by the news-leader, the FBI Kansas City field office had found an anonymous photo of rainwater partially naked in a cage and shared the tip with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. After arresting Phelps, the sheriff’s office confiscated his phone and discovered more photos of partially naked rainwater on his property.

Court documents reviewed by the outlet also suggest that Norton may have been an accomplice in the hijacking of rainwater by “putting him down for a sufficient amount of time” at Phelps’ property after Norton contacted 58-year-old Norton. and asked him to help her in moderation. 33 years old.

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