Mississippi auditor orders Brett Favre to repay $828,000 for ‘illegal’ welfare funds or face lawsuit


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The state said Favre paid $500,000, but is now being asked to repay the remaining $600,000, plus $228,000 in interest.

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Famous green Bay Packers According to a report, quarterback Brett Favre will have to pay $828,000 he received from a welfare fund meant for families in need.

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White said Tuesday that Favre faces no criminal charges but will face prosecution if the money is not returned within 30 days. White said the Hall of Fame quarterback received $1.1 million in welfare funds for several speeches he didn’t show up for.


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Initial allegations of wrongful spending surfaced in early 2020 when former Mississippi Department of Human Services executive director John Davis and five others were indicted in one of the state’s largest public corruption cases, which the auditor then called ” a grand conspiracy”.

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At the time, the state said Favre paid $500,000, but is now being asked to repay the remaining $600,000 plus $228,000 in interest.


Favre defended himself in May 2020, saying he believed he was being paid for roles in public service announcements and commercials that ran for years in Mississippi.

“I did commercials that ran for three years, got paid for it, no different than any other time I’ve advertised for other people, and I went on my way,” Favre said. “For [the auditor] To say that I took $1.1 million and didn’t appear to speak is absolutely not 100% true.”

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Favre said he was not aware that the money he was getting came from welfare funds. But according to a letter received from the state mississippi today, It’s not like that.

“These illegal expenditures and unlawful settlements were made when you knew or had reason to know through the exercise of due diligence that the expenses were illegal and/or unlawful in disposition,” the letter said.

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