Minneapolis push to dismantle police is ‘crash test dummy’ for far-left activists: Omar challenger


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Sisley Davis says if anti-police initiative in Minneapolis will spread elsewhere

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A Republican challenged Rep. Ilhan Omar said the Minneapolis ballot measure to dismantle the police force is a “crash test dummy” for anti-police activists to spread their agenda to other areas.

Cicely Davis, the Republican nominee for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, told Granthshala News, “You’ll see Minneapolis leading the charge in criminality, you’ll see the charge in violent crime, you’ll see other socialist policies and you’ll see absolute misery. ” .


“And they’ll use Minneapolis as that crash test dummy, to drive these ideals, to drive this ideology and drive these policies, and then to spread it to the next city, the next suburb, and the next state.” for,” he added. . “We just can’t get over it.”

Efforts to disband the Minneapolis Police Department began with the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020. A coalition of progressive activist organizations was convened. yes 4 minneapolis, has pushed the measure forward with a November 2 voting initiative to replace it with the “Department of Public Security”.

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Soros Bankrolls Group Insisting on ‘Dismantlement,’ Will Replace Minneapolis Police Department

“The Department of Public Safety will replace the current police-only model of public safety, to allow the City of Minneapolis a funded, accountable, and comprehensive public health approach to public safety,” said the now-deleted portion of the coalition’s website in August. read in.

“This will allow us to be both proactive and responsive to the community, engaging a range of strategies, right-sized responses, experts, professional personnel and licensed peace officers (also known as police officers) when necessary, “It continued. .

Dozens of active organizations – including the American Civil Liberties Union, Color of Change and Socialist Alternatives – have joined forces and now form coalitions to support the measure. Omar also supports the campaign.

In turn, the coalition’s efforts to step up the police have received generous funding from major progressive donors and outside groups.

George Soros is the largest funder of the effort. As Granthshala News reports, the Open Society Policy Center, a nonprofit in the billionaire’s network, donated $500,000 shortly after the campaign began.

September 27: Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros speaks during a discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting in New York.

Washington, DC-based MoveOn added $430,000 in in-kind contributions, including staffing, access to email lists, and other services that come as non-cash contributions. The ACLU donated $75,000 to the campaign and added $4,000 worth of employee time, campaign finance records show.

Minnesota campaign to transform department receives $1 million in national, local donations

“When you talk about Minneapolis, what are you talking about in the most radical congressional,” Davis told Granthshala News. “We’re also talking about the most radical attorney general in Keith Ellison.”

“So you have an ideology pairing that is anti-American,” he continued. “It’s completely about erasing all things American.”

Davis said Omar and Alison are Advancing an agenda that “encourages criminals,” revisionist history tells, perpetuates division, spreads hatred and incites anger among people.

“The city you saw in the summer of 2020 — that’s their role model for Minneapolis,” Davis said.

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