Milley says it’s unlikely China will try to move on Taiwan in next two years


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Secretary of State Blinken reaffirms US support for Taiwan against recent Chinese aggression

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General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Wednesday that it was unlikely China would take any action on Taiwan within the next two years.

Milley’s remarks come amid rising tensions in the region and assurances from the US that it will stand with Taiwan against Chinese aggression.


Milley was asked on Wednesday whether he thinks China is preparing to move on Taiwan in the near future.

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Antony Blinken: US will support Taiwan against China

“Based on my analysis of China, I don’t think it can be defined as the next six, 12, maybe 24 months in the next, near future… and are clearly building an ability to provide those options to their national leadership, if they so choose at some point in the future,” Milley said at the Aspen Security Forum.

“But in the near future, probably not – but anything could happen.”

Milley emphasized the need for increased communication “because part of deterrence has the potential to impose a cost on your opponent, and ensure that you actually have the political will to use it. But at the same time, a There is also a third resistance. [that’s] Really important – there’s clear, clear communication between the two parties.”

He also said there is “no question” the US has the ability to defend Taiwan.

Biden’s resolve to defend Taiwan, withdrawn from White House, prompts internal policy debate, experts say

“We absolutely have the ability to do all kinds of things around the world, to include it if necessary,” he said. “We have the capability to the fullest. There’s no question about it.”

In Donggang Township, Pingtung, Taiwan, the Triennial Donggang Qing Boat Fatal, a traditional ritual inherited from the Qing dynasty, is used to protect people from plagues and epidemics.  Getty Images)

The White House appeared to back down from previous statements made by President Biden about protecting Taiwan from Chinese attack. Those comments examined how they stood in response to an attack on the US for its long-standing “strategic ambiguity”.

A White House spokesman later told Granthshala News that there was no change in US policy toward Taiwan, which he said was “guided by the Taiwan Relations Act.”

“We will maintain our commitment under the Act, we will continue to support Taiwan’s self-defense, and we will continue to oppose any unilateral change in the status quo,” the spokesman said.

Granthshala News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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