Men with higher testosterone likely to have more than one sexual partner at a time: study


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Higher testosterone levels in women linked to same-sex relationships, ‘single sex’

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Researchers say men with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to have more than one sexual partner at the same time.

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Sex Research, testosterone in women has been linked to “single sex” or same-sex relationships.


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The team – from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), UCL, the University of Manchester and the National Center for Social Research (NatCen) – Data from the third British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle were used To examine the relationship between testosterone levels and sexual function and behavior.

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Single morning saliva samples from participants aged 18 to 74 years were self-collected and analyzed using mass spectrometry. 1,599 men and 2,123 women were included in the analysis and 40.6% of them were invited to provide a sample.

“We adjusted for confounders step by step: in the model [one] We only adjusted for age; Ideal [two] for age, season and relationship status, and model [three] We added BMI and self-reported health,” the authors wrote.

The group used questionnaires to examine possible relationships between androgen amounts and how a person’s sexuality was expressed.

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In the model, the researchers found that salivary testosterone was positively associated with both partner sex (vaginal sex and concurrent partners) and masturbation.”

“In women, [salivary testosterone] was positively associated with masturbation, with the only association with participatory sex being the experience of same-sex sex. We did not find any clear relationship between [salivary testosterone] and sexual act,” he said,

In addition, among men, a “weak association” was observed between higher levels of salivary testosterone and having sex-sex partners in the past five years – although the proportion reporting same-sex partners in the past five years was lower – And significant associations were also observed between salivary testosterone and acceptance of one-night stands and non-exclusivity in marriage, with men reportedly “supporting these more permissive attitudes to sex with a higher mean. [salivary testosterone] compared to those who didn’t.”

Participants with at least one sexual partner in the years prior to the investigation were asked about issues such as lack of interest in having sex or trouble getting or keeping an erection.

Testosterone is largely regarded as a biological driver of libido in men – although the evidence for this is inconclusive and its role in female sexual desire underestimated.

men make testosterone Makes small amounts in the testicles and adrenal glands and in women the adrenal glands and ovaries.

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