Meghan Markle has ‘a complete lack of trust’ in her estranged father Thomas, author says: ‘It’s a sad story’


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Princess Diana’s biographer has released a book on the Duchess of Sussex titled ‘Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy’.

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Meghan Markle will have to request more from television to trust her father again.

This claim was made by British author Andrew Morton who once helped Princess Diana release her biography.


In 2018, Morton penned a book on the Duchess of Sussex called “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,” which explores the former “Suits” star’s rise to stardom and whirlwind marriage to Prince Harry, 37. On Tuesday, the British author re-released his book, titled “Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy.”

Featuring new chapters and interviews with some of Markle’s family members and close friends, it examines the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex behind the doors of the palace, as well as their decision to eventually return as senior royals. What happened because

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Prince William ‘Apparently Was an Influence’ Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Royal Exit, Author Claims

The same day that his updated book was released, the former Hollywood lighting director appeared on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” and said he was “very concerned” that he would not be there to meet the couple’s children.

“When it comes to Meghan, there is a complete lack of trust,” Morton told Granthshala News. “She simply doesn’t know that, if she does arrive, it will result in Thomas immediately going out and selling the story to the tabloids. She can’t risk it. And it’s so sad because the reality is that Thomas is ‘ No one is getting younger. And he is yet to meet his grandchildren.’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed a son named Archie in 2019 followed by a daughter named Lilibet in June this year. The family lives in the coastal city of Montecito, California. Thomas, 77, lives in Mexico.

Thomas famously declined to attend the Duke and Duchess’s 2018 royal wedding when he staged paparazzi photos. At the time, the vice-chancellor cited an upcoming heart surgery as the reason for his absence.

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The former American actress, 40, sued publisher Associated Newspapers for breach of privacy and copyright in a February 5, 2019 article in which she reproduced large portions of a letter she wrote to Thomas about her marriage. Thomas, who has frequently spoken to the press about his estranged relationship with the Duchess, has claimed that his daughter lost contact with him after the wedding.

Morton said that Harry is equally protective of his family.

“[When it comes to paparazzi]”Harry goes into battle mode,” Morton said. “He’s immediately sued various agencies. One company also filed for Chapter 11. He will go above and beyond to protect his family. Meghan has had an easier ride than Diana.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s departure from royal duties began in 2020, in what they described as intrusive British media and racist attitudes towards the former “Suits” star.

In the wake of leaving royal duties, he gave an explosive TV interview to Oprah Winfrey in March, in which the couple made painful comments describing how dark Archie’s skin could be before his birth. The Duchess spoke about the deep isolation she felt inside the royal family that led her to contemplate suicide.

Buckingham Palace said the racism allegations leveled by the couple were “relatable” and would be addressed privately.

During his televised interview, Thomas also criticized Harry’s plans to release a memoir the following year.

“Harry is coming with a book, and it could be nothing more than cruel and insulting to his grandmother, the Queen,” he said. “It’s a ridiculous idea, and it’s something just for the money. That’s all they’re doing. Everything they’re doing is for the money.”

Meghan Markle’s estranged father Thomas pleads to meet his grandson: ‘He should start talking to me’

Prince Harry will release a memoir in 2022.

While financial terms were not disclosed, Random House announced that Harry would donate the proceeds to charity.

Morton pointed out that this isn’t the first time a member of the royal family has written the book.

“Obviously Diana worked with me on her biography and Prince Charles wrote his own story,” he said. “So it’s definitely not shocking. I think Harry will focus on his relationship with his father and brother. Obviously, that will include his mother. That’s what everyone said about Harry. , that is, he will give a direct answer to a direct question. And that is what we can expect.”

As far as putting aside Markle and her father’s differences, Morton said, “it’s complicated.”

Queen Elizabeth has ‘a strong religious belief’ that has helped her overcome ongoing family drama: author

Meghan Markle and her family live in California.

“The damage is done,” he said. “So where do you go from here? How do you fully regain that trust? It’s a sad story on all sides.”

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