McAuliffe in 2019: ‘Diversity, inclusion’ are ‘as important as’ math and English in schools


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McAuliffe’s remarks resurface as parents protest and Youngkin vows to ban critical race theory in schools

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Virginia democratic governor candidate Terry McAuliffe’s remarks about “diversity” and “inclusion” in schools, which he made in 2019, have re-emerged in crucial lead for election day on November 2.

Education in race has emerged as a major issue in Northern Virginia, with parents raising concerns about critical race theory, COVID-19 restrictions and transgender issues at tense school board meetings.


“We don’t do a good job talking about diversity, inclusion, openness and so forth in our education system,” McAuliffe said on C-SPAN Book TV while promoting her book “Beyond Charlottesville: Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism” in 2019 Huh.” “We don’t. We got our textbooks, but, you know, it should be a big part of how you fit into our nation’s social work and our fabric. How we treat each other Let’s do, it’s for me: important, as you know, your math class or your English class, etc.”

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Parents in Loudoun County and Fairfax County have condemned some programs launched in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion”, saying the programs promote critical race theory, a framework that involves deconstructing aspects of society in order to discover “systemic racism” beneath the surface. Some parents have called CRT divisive, claiming it encourages white students to view themselves as oppressors. Youngkin vows to ban CRT in education if race wins

Youngkin spokesman Macaulay Porter told Granthshala News on Monday, “Terry McAuliffe introduced political agendas such as race theory that were important to the Virginia education system in 2015. They lowered academic standards and lowered expectations of our children’s math and reading performance.” pulled down with.”

Youngkin has repeatedly cited alarming figures From the US Department of Education’s National Assessment of Education Progress, which met 62% of Virginia students failed to meet eighth grade math proficiency standards, while nearly 60% Number of students who failed to meet national proficiency standards in fourth grade reading.

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In a September debate, McAuliffe said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” McAuliffe accuses Youngkin of taking the quote out of context, but Youngkin’s Campaign An advertisement was issued showing McAuliffe standing with the statement.

Nicole Neely, President and Founder protect parents education And one Virginia mother warned that too much focus on diversity and inclusion programs distracts from the “core curriculum.”

Youngkin campaign aid used McAuliffe’s words to show its stand against parents influencing schools

“It is abundantly clear that parents are concerned about the quality of education—Virginia recently reported staggering numbers of learning losses during the pandemic, adding to the state’s already abysmal proficiency rate.” ,” Neely told Granthshala News.

“When schools obsessively focus on DEI initiatives, there is time and resources that are not being spent on core curriculum,” she said.

Glenn Youngkin addresses a crowd in Burke, Va.

McAuliffe’s campaign did not respond to Granthshala News’ request for comment by press time. However, the Democratic Party of Virginia issued a statement condemning Youngkin.

“Unlike Glenn Youngkin – who has based his entire campaign on racist dog whistles and divisive conspiracy theories – Terry McAuliffe knows that keeping Virginia open and welcoming is essential to building a better future for the Commonwealth,” said spokesperson Manuel. Bondar told Granthshala News.

McAuliffe has in the past called concerns about CRTs a “dog whistle.”

“Virgines have repeatedly rejected hateful right-wing politicians,” he said. “This November, they will reject Youngkin—just as they rejected their allies Donald Trump and Corey Stewart.”

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