McAuliffe events see small crowds days before Virginia election


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McAuliffe employee tells reporter to ‘f—off’ for trying to question candidate

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democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Is Playing To Attend Less Than Events Virginia A few days before the election.

Granthshala News attended a campaign event Thursday at the Virginia Democratic Party’s regional headquarters in Harrisonburg, where McAuliffe spoke to supporters in the college town.


The campaign bus stop was the latest in incidents featuring a dwindling audience for the former governor of the old Dominion as he slides into the polls.

Team McAuliffe reveals attempt to ‘kill it’ by email Granthshala News Story

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Only a handful of supporters in Harrisonburg congratulated McAuliffe’s campaign bus after the former governor’s campaign was roasted in political capital to stump out big-name Democrats for McAuliffe, including President Biden, Vice President Harris and the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate. Shown to give Stacey Abrams.

During his speech on Thursday, McAuliffe took aim at his Republican rival Glenn Youngkin, reiterating several claims about his rival, including calling his opposition to Youngkin’s critical race theory a “racist dog whistle” and that the controversial Ideology “Never taught. Virginia.”

McAuliffe also claimed that Youngkin “said the other day that humans are not responsible” for climate change – Youngkin said He “is not responsible for climate change” during a candidate podium earlier this month — and that his Republican opponent’s campaign issue of “election integrity” is a “crazy, tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theory that, somehow, Donald Trump actually won the presidential election.”

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe welcomes a handful of supporters outside the Virginia Democrats' regional headquarters in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Youngkin has repeatedly said that Biden won the 2020 election – saying just days earlier that Biden’s tenure in the White House “so far”Failed President.

Additionally, McAuliffe claimed in his speech that Youngkin “came out the other day against gay marriage”—a claim that did not pass the smell test.

Youngkin told The Associated Press Gay marriage is “legally acceptable” in Virginia last week and would “support” Virginia’s governor if elected.

After the incident, a Granthshala News reporter tried to ask McAuliffe a question, who was asked to “f—off” by one of the Democratic nominee’s staff.

McAuliffe’s Wednesday campaign event in Danville, Virginia, saw fewer crowds than Thursday’s event.

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