McAuliffe draws tiny crowds as campaign enters final stretch


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Photos emerge of McAuliffe talking to a handful of people

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In the crucial week before Election Day on November 2nd, Virginia democratic governor candidate Terry McAuliffe attracted small crowds to his campaign events, as Republican Glenn Youngkin claims the momentum is in his favor.

Associated Press reporter Steve Peoples shared photos of the small crowd on Wednesday. Crowds at Bible Way World Wide Church in Danville, Virginia, were particularly less visible from People’s Vantage Point.


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McAuliffe also appeared later Wednesday afternoon at Lynchburg University in Lynchburg, Virginia, to attract a smaller crowd.

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Meanwhile, Youngkin posted photos of a large rally in Roanoke, Virginia, on Wednesday afternoon.

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Youngkin tweeted, “Hello Roanoke!! Our pace in the Commonwealth is unmatched, and can’t wait for Virginia to win.” “Thanks to everyone who voted early today!”

“The two expedition events are happening almost at the same time, covering about 70 miles,” said Dave Rexrod, executive director of Republican Governors Associationtook to Twitter, sharing photos from McAuliffe’s Danville event and Youngkin’s Roanoke event. “You tell me which campaign has enthusiasm and momentum…”

Although Virginia voted for President Biden by a 10-point margin over then-President Trump in 2020, recent polling has shown McAuliffe and Youngkin neck-and-neck, with Youngkin taking the lead on important education issues.

The Youngkin campaign has called for greater parental involvement in their children’s education, while McAuliffe has attempted to distance herself from the comments she made. during the September debate.

The former governor said at the time, “I don’t think parents should tell schools what they should teach.”

In the final few weeks of the campaign, McAuliffe has pulled out all stops for President Biden, former President Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams and several other national Democrats to campaign with him.

Glenn Youngkin speaks to supporters outside after his speech.

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