Mayim Bialik shares thoughts on ‘Jeopardy!’ hosting drama: ‘Just let me read the clues!’


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Former ‘Big Bang Theory’ star to serve as host for remainder of current season

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Mayim Bialik sings “Jopardy!” discussed his new gig as interim host of With Ken Jennings for the remainder of this season.

Sony Pictures Television previously confirmed to Granthshala News that Bialik would host the several-week show that would air until November 5. After that, she and Jennings will split hosting duties as their respective schedules allow, while the show seeks a permanent replacement for Alex Trebek. After forcing Mike Richards to step down.


The former “Big Bang Theory” star appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Tuesday, where he shared a new “Jeopardy!” The host has submitted. While talking to the late night host, she said that she wants to avoid the behind-the-scenes drama and does it right by the fans when she is on-screen.

“Who knew people were so passionate about the host of ‘Danger!,’” He said. “I mean, I’m just trying to read the clues, you know? Just let me read the clues!”

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Ken Jennings said to host ‘Jeopardy! ‘Nerve-Racking’ I Wish Alex Trebek Was Still Here

“Danger!” Despite the immense public interest in the new host of! Will, Bialik made his way to the podium with relatively little fanfare. When Trebek died in November 2020, she was among the first celebrity guest hosts to take over the show. She was largely considered a fan favorite, but didn’t really campaign for herself the way some of the other guest hosts did.

When producer Mike Richards was announced as the new host of the regular drama, Bialik was tapped to host an upcoming crop of spinoffs and special event games such as ABC’s “Jopardie! National College Championship.” This put her safely into the hosting orbit as the situation with Richards suddenly became a major unknown following a scandal.

‘to risk!’ Guest host Ken Jennings pays tribute to Alex Trebek, reacts on Twitter

The actress told Corden that the hardest part of the show is keeping herself away from hosting drama and making sure the game is always front and center.

“Dangerous thing!” It’s that we spend our whole lives looking for and this job is like… people should think of me as much as possible,” she explained. “Meaning, it’s my job to be the host and just read the clues. But of course there is a lot more in the news which has brought a lot of interest.”

Although she didn’t say it outright, Bialik was likely talking about Richards’ exit from the show, which resurfaced after inappropriate comments she made several years earlier on a podcast. The scandal not only ended his run as the new main host after filming a few episodes, but he also later stepped down as a producer on the show.

Leaving the politics behind the scenes, Bialik said that he is happy to be one of the lucky few to land a hosting job.

“It’s incredibly enjoyable,” she concluded. “I learn things all day. I meet people who have a kind of knowledge that I don’t have. I’m like, ‘Danger!’ But I will do very badly.”

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