Marilyn Manson’s attorney argues videographer consented to being exposed to bodily fluids


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Manson is facing two counts of simple assault stemming from the August 2019 incident

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Marilyn Manson’s lawyer argued that a videographer who accused the musician of spitting on her and blowing her nose during a concert consented to exposure to bodily fluids during a recent court hearing .

Manson, whose legal name is Brian Warner, is charged with two misdemeanors of simple assault resulting from an encounter at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Guilford on August 19, 2019.


According to police, Manson approached videographer Susan Fountain in the stage pit area of ​​the venue, held her face to his camera and spat at her. He is also accused of blowing his nose on his hand and hands.

In court documents made public Tuesday, Manson’s attorney, Kent Barker, argues that filming Fountain typically exposes videographers to “accidental contact” with bodily fluids.

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Representatives for Fountain did not respond to Granthshala News’ request for comment.

Marilyn Manson accused of spitting at 2019 concert, woman reprimanded

“The defendants’ performances of the past twenty years are known to have included shocking and provocative antics,” Barker wrote. “The alleged victim consented to expose herself closely to possible exposure to sweat, saliva and phlegm.”

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Barker also said that Manson plans to argue that any contact involving spitting or sneezing was unintentional.

Manson has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which could each result in a prison sentence of less than one year and a fine of $2,000 if convicted.

Manson is also facing charges of unrelated misconduct.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood accused Manson of physical and sexual abuse in February. His allegations prompted several women to come forward with similar allegations against the musician.

Manson has denied all allegations of abuse.

The videographer did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Granthshala News.

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