Maria Bartiromo live at Texas border as 60,000 migrants trek to US


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‘Mornings with Maria’ host visits Texas border to observe migrant surge

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Granthshala Business host Maria Bartiromo visits Texas 60,000 to Biden’s border crisis. to see as migrants, mostly Haitians, even travel we The “Morning with Maria” host described Monday how Mexican cartels are getting “smarter and better” at distracting border agents.

Maria Bartiromo: So Mexican cartels are getting smarter and getting better at it, and they know what to do to distract all the border agents. So what they do is that they flood the area with people who come. Two weeks ago, they flood fifteen and seventeen thousand people under the bridge in this area. So what is to happen? Border agents have to leave their posts and they have to come and deal with fifteen thousand people. it leaves hundreds of miles wideOpen areas so that cartels can obtain drugs and people, through human trafficking.


Tulsi Gabbard accuses Biden’s homeland security Mayor of boldly lying to Congress

They [Mexican cartels] Charging thousands of ten thousand dollars per head from the people they are in charge of coming to America. This is a real humanitarian crisis.

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Watch the full interview below:

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