Manchin muscles progressives: I went from zero to $1.5T


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The moderate Democrats are pushing against their allies’ request for $3.5 trillion

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West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said Thursday that he is “ready to come down to $1.5 trillion from zero” on his fellow Democrats’ planned reconciliation bill and suggested that progressives pushing for a $3.5 trillion package be passed to him. Should work for the more liberals elected to do. Agenda

A memo obtained by Politico and confirmed by a Senate aide shows that Manchin made a $1.5 trillion offer to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in July with Manchin offering a list of his priorities and reconciliation. Called for a debate on the bill. 1.


Senate votes to avoid government shutdown with short-term funding bill

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At the bottom of the memorandum, signed by both Manchin and Schumer, it states in bold print that “Senator Manchin does not guarantee that he will vote for a final conciliation law if he exceeds the terms set forth in this agreement.” “

Asked Thursday whether the $1.5 trillion number was his final offering to his progressive allies, Munchkin told Granthshala Business, “At the time, I was not in favor of moving forward on a piece of legislation like this. “

“I wasn’t trying to be a fly in the ointment,” he said. “I have never been generous in any way, shape or form.”

Republicans Say Biden’s $3.5T Spending Bill Will Hurt Cultural Decline and Work Ethics

Munchkin went on to say that he did not blame any of his colleagues “who believe they are too progressive, too liberal.”

“God bless them,” suggested the liberal, “I think they can get through this… elect the liberals.”

“I’m not asking them to change,” the West Virginian said. “I’m ready to go from zero to one” [point] Five.”

While Democrats control the House, Senate and White House, they have been in a tussle for months over whether to pass President Biden’s spending agenda, with progressives pushing for key social and climate initiatives, allowing party moderates to balk. has to happen.

In the 50-50 upper house, Democrats need all hands on deck without Republicans to support a multi-trillion-dollar package, and Munchkin isn’t their only holdout. Arizona Sen. Kirsten Cinema reiterated Thursday that it would not support the $3.5 trillion bill.

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