Man who sent life-threatening messages to Rep. Matt Gaetz faces federal indictment


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Eugene Heulsmann was indicted on a felony charge of threatening to injure

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According to court records, Rep. Matt Getz, R-Fla., over the phone earlier this year. A man accused of making death threats in the U.S. was arrested last week in federal indictment.

Prosecutors say that on January 9 – three days after the Capitol siege – Eugene Heulsmann called Getz’s office phone call to endanger the lawmaker. “Tell [M.G.] Tell her to watch your kids, to watch her back, according to the indictment,” Heulsmann reportedly sneaked into the receiver.


“I’m coming for him, he’s gonna die f-king… I’m gonna die f-king… Watch your back, I’m coming for you. I’m gonna put you and I a bullet. I I’m gonna shoot one of your f—king kids too,” the man reportedly snarled.

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Prosecutor: Capital Cop reported Jan. 6 rioters to hide evidence

Getz confirmed that he was the victim identified in the indictment as MG. The congressman told Granthshala News Digital that he handed over the recorded voicemail to Capitol police.

Heulsman was indicted in May on a felony charge of threatening to injure another man in the Northern District of Florida — but his whereabouts were unknown at the time. A judge sealed the indictment until officers tracked down and apprehended Heulsman in California, the court recorded the state.

Heulsman is due to make his initial appearance in Pensacola federal court this Friday.

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FILE - In this January 6, 2021, file photo rioters try to break into a police barrier at the Capitol in Washington.  (AP photo/John Minchillo, file)

“I am delighted that prosecutors in the Northern District of Florida are taking death threats against me and my family very seriously,” Gaetz said. “I wish this was an ethic in the DOJ enterprise.”

Heulsmann’s lawyer could not be immediately identified.

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