Man believes he talked to Brian Laundrie days before Gabby Petito’s disappearance: ‘It was an odd encounter’


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Hunter Manese said the man looked like Laundry and introduced himself as Brian

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A Louisiana man is believed to have spoken with Brian Laundry near Yellowstone National Park a few days before Gabby Petito went missing. Hunter Manese, who was traveling around the country in late August, described an “extremely uncomfortable” conversation with a man who looked like laundry and introduced himself as “Brian” at a local bar.

“It was a strange encounter,” Manese said on “Granthshala & Friends,” noting that he didn’t know who the laundry was at the time, as before Petito’s disappearance.


Mannies was traveling with a friend from Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. The pair stayed at a bar in West Yellowstone, Montana after visiting the Tetons.

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“At the end of the bar there was a guy by himself,” Manese said. “We didn’t really pay much attention to him until he kind of got into it—he just seemed overly invested in our conversation and eventually ended up speaking.”

When the conversation turned political, Mannies was discussing hunting and other things with his friend.

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“[Laundrie] jumped into it all of a sudden with a comment about ‘stupid Southerners’ and some slang about Republicans,” Mannies told Granthshala News’ Steve Ducey.

Mannies has since contacted the FBI and filed a report with his friend.

Mannies isn’t the first to report an encounter with the laundry. Two women have come forward separately and each said they picked him up as he was walking through Grand Teton National Park.

The other woman, Norma Jean Jalovec, told Granthshala News Digital that she picked up the laundry on August 29, two days after Gabby Petito was last seen. He claimed that he was abandoned at a camping area scattered across Spread Creek, where Pettito’s remains were later discovered.

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Laundry asks Jalovec to drop her off at the gate of the campground, but he offers to take her inside because there are miles of campsites. He said the laundry again tried to get out of the moving car.

The trio who encountered the laundry described unusual behavior. The first woman to pick him up said he was “terrified” and asked to get out of the car.

Mannies said that her conversation with the person she believed to be the laundry upset her and her friend.

“He was making us all extremely uncomfortable.”

Granthshala News’ Audrey Conklin contributed to this report.

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