Los Angeles to pay $1K a month to 3,000 families living in poverty, impacted by COVID-19


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Tuesday’s approval by the city council raises the city’s initial $6 million investment to nearly $40 million

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The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday approved a program that would send $1,000 to more than 3,000 Angeleno families living below the poverty line.

BIG: LEAP, or Basic Income Guarantee: The Los Angeles Economic Assistance Pilot Program, is the largest program of its kind in the country.


Beginning in January, Los Angeles families living below the poverty line and affected by COVID-19 will receive a no-strings-attached payment of $1,000 for the next 12 months.

Universal income for children can come

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The bulk of the money will go to councilman Karen Price’s district, families living in the council district, which has the highest poverty rate in the city.

Tuesday’s approval by the city council increases the city’s initial $6 million investment to nearly $40 million.

The application process will start at the end of this week. A spokesman for Price said his district office will be converted into a command center and a 10-day online application window will be fully opened to help the constituents who need it most. Other sites, including libraries and the All People’s Community Center, will provide computer, Wi-Fi, and language support to assist applicants.

“The idea of ​​a (guaranteed basic income) pilot program is one my office has been following for some time, and it gained momentum as we watched our country investigate racial inequalities and social injustice during the COVID pandemic,” Price said on Tuesday. Vote. “It became clear that this program was necessary in order to follow the positive results of the Stockton Seed Program.”

“It is my hope that after the conclusion of this pilot program, it will be replicated at the state and federal level,” Price said.

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Price and other council members will release additional information at a Wednesday morning press conference.

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