Liberals win minority government in 2021 federal election


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OTTAWA – Granthshala News’ Decision Desk has announced that the Liberals will win the 2021 federal election with a minority government. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will retain power at a critical time in the pandemic.

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This historic 36-day pandemic comes after nationwide voting in the federal election closed.

While longer lines in some rides mean voters can vote for more hours, early results show the Liberals are elected or leading in 149 seats.


There are 338 Federals riding up to grab tonight. To form a majority government, a party needs to win at least 170 seats.

Leading the race, the Liberals had 155 seats, the Conservatives had 119, the Bloc Québécois had 32, the NDP had 24, the Green Party had two seats, five independents and one vacancy. Was.

  • Live Results Map: Track results in real time
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Trudeau called a federal election on 15 August, ending his nearly two-year minority parliament in search of a second majority victory.

Trudeau set up his re-election bid as an opportunity for Canadians to make their voices heard as they want to lift the country out of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 crisis, and into a new era of considerable change.


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