Lego reveals 3,955-piece ‘Home Alone’ set — here’s how much it’ll cost


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Lego Ideas ‘Home Alone’ set to be released November 1

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Lego has unveiled its latest set, inspired by the movie “Home Alone.”

The elaborate, 3,955-piece recreation of the McAllister family home is based on a design that was submitted to Lego Ideas by Alex Storozhuk, 28, of Ukraine, according to a press release.


The “Home Alone” set is “the largest set ever built from the Lego Ideas concept,” the release said.

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according to lego online stores, the new set will cost $249.99 when released on November 1.

According to the press, the set from the 1990 Christmas film comes with five mini-figures — Kevin, the robbers Harry and Marv, Kevin’s neighbors Marley and Kevin’s mom Kate — and “filled with features that reflect Kevin’s holiday antics.” Tell the story of” release.

Those features include a precise layout of the home, ground and first floors, a kitchen, a basement and an attic, the press release said.

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The house and the terrace open with a new mechanism for the inside view. The set also includes items from specific scenes in the film, including after-shave lotion from “The Scream” bathroom scene, Buzz’s pet tarantula, the robbers’ van, the paint cans used to take down the robbers, and zip-tops. Includes complete treehouse. Line, the press release said.

The set is also divided into 24 build bags, making it a sort of Advent calendar that fans can build “in film order,” the press release said.

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“Like every ’90s kid, I grew up watching ‘Home Alone’ and it takes a very special place in my heart,” fan designer Storozuk said in a statement. “I can’t even imagine the holidays without it. This movie is so nostalgic and brings back those warm childhood memories every now and then.”

Lego designer Antika Brakanov said it was “great fun” to make Storozuk’s idea a reality.

“He thought of every aspect, from the layout of the rooms to the use of color, and of course, to make the film’s details instantly recognizable,” Brakanov said in a statement.

“Following the themes of the film, we wanted to make the Lego building and experience as immersive as possible for fans of the film,” Brackanov said. “Step-by-step construction that mirrors the film, and the ability to open up and look inside the set lend itself well to hours of joyful focus this holiday season – just a festive backdrop and a certain Christmas. Add a movie.”

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