Late-night hosts pay tribute to Norm Macdonald following his death: ‘The comedy world is poorer’


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Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers talk about the late ‘SNL’ star

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Late-night hosts took time off from their shows Tuesday to mourn the loss of comedy icon Norm MacDonald following his death at the age of 61.

The unique comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” “Weekend Update” anchor has reportedly died after a 9-year battle with cancer, which he decided to wage privately. Following his passing, the late-night comedian, who was fortunate enough to meet Macdonald throughout his career, took a moment to pay tribute to him.


James Corden got the ball rolling that McDonald’s decision not to make his cancer diagnosis public was in keeping with his character.

“All Norm ever wanted to do was make us laugh and he was absolutely fantastic.” “Late Late Show” host said. “There was no one like him. I had the privilege of being in his class every time. He left us as one of the greatest comics of all time, probably the greatest guest in the history of late night television, I think.”

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Norm McDonald remembered by the comedy world: ‘He was in his full league’

He then opened the floor to writing Ian Carmel and bandleader Reggie Watts to share his thoughts on McDonald’s as well.

“We’ll miss you, Norm, a lot,” Corden concluded. “Our thoughts are with all of Norm’s friends and family today and … Thank you so much for the laughs, Norm. We will never forget him.”

Jimmy Fallon, one of the few people who sat in the “Weekend Update” chair during “Saturday Night Live”, proved how many McDonald’s fans he is by giving an impression of the late star and one of his stands. Huh. -The bits about buying a dog he committed to memory.

“He was a comical comic and everyone absolutely loved him from top to bottom and will be missed,” “Tonight Show” Host Finishes.

“The Late Show” host, Stephen Colbert, noted that he worked very briefly with MacDonald as a guest writer on “Saturday Night Live”. He recalled taking the late comedian under his wing and writing jokes for him on “Weekend Update.”

“I wish I was a good comedian to come up with a joke about Norm MacDonald’s death right now,” a sad colbert said. “But the only comedian I know who can survive the ‘Norm MacDonald is dead’ joke is Norm Macdonald. I’m going to miss the fact that there’s no one left on the planet who can do that and come up with comedy.” The world is poor today.”

Norm Macdonald mourned by ‘Saturday Night Live’ family: ‘He was just plain funny’

Colbert also reflected on what he admired about MacDonald’s style on “Weekend Update.”

“I liked the fact that he would tell jokes that he, in the best way, didn’t care that the audience liked him, but he liked the joke,” Colbert said. “They were dark, sometimes too dark for me, but they were weird and they just had a wonderful presence that moved me in.”

It was something that Seth Meyers even recognized during his tribute to Macdonald on “Late Night.”

“He told me once that his favorite thing about ‘Saturday Night Live’ is that it’s the last place on TV where you can bomb,” Meyers said.

He noted how much McDonald’s own delivery and style inspired him when he was behind the desk on “Weekend Update.”

“If he thought the jokes were good, he would have had just as much fun telling them to the dead audience as the one who appreciated them,” Starr concluded.

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