Larry Kudlow: America’s credibility is damaged, why aren’t elected officials calling for more resignations?


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Kudlow Reveals How Blinken ‘Continues to Blame Donald Trump’

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Friends, tonight is very breaking news.

on Capitol Hill, Secretary of State Blinken gone in day two of the disaster Afghanistan Hearing – this time before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


he continues to blame Donald Trump. He continues to say that NATO and our allies were behind the completely entrenched effort and argues that it was a major success.

However, General Jack Keane rebuked Blinken on Granthshala Business today as he blamed Trump for the failed Afghan ‘debacle’. literallyhandjob Nobody in the country believes that it was a huge success.

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The Americans and their Afghan allies are left on the battlefield. Troops first left the Bagraham airport, allowing the Taliban to operate Kabul, allowing the Taliban to run what is now Afghanistan and allowing the Taliban to establish a terrorist homeland that would shelter Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Biden’s Extreme Tax-The-Rich Plan Diluted by Divided Democrats

It was not a success. It had nothing to do with Donald Trump. Our NATO allies are angry with us.

American credibility is greatly damaged and I have one big question: why aren’t many elected officials on both sides of the aisle calling for the resignation of the Secretary of State, the National Security Adviser, and hate to say it—but some Department of Defense And also military leaders.

It is time for him to resign. The sooner President Biden understands this, the better position he is to do better in the future. I am not talking about democratic politics. I am speaking about the future of America because this adventure is a stain on our great nation.

Sen. Ron Johnson, an outspoken participant in today’s hearing, will join us in a few moments, and I’ll work with the senator to figure out why the Democratic tax hike plan has alienated working families and small businesses.

His plan is drawing criticism from the blue-collar middle class – people making less than $400k a year. Why go after the beats of America?

Incidentally, some small business owners and other successful people are going to pay a marginal tax rate of over 60% in some parts of the country when state and local taxes apply.

General Keane Rips Blinken to Blame Trump Administration for Failed Afghan ‘Defeat’

Today’s CPI report dented pandemic inflation, but a $5 trillion spending plan—funded from the Fed’s free money—that would boost aggregate demand, coupled with a massive tax attack on producers and investors will turn off the supply. goods and services.

So, you literally have way too much money chasing too little stuff. This pandemic will turn inflation into permanent inflation – not good!

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Finally, speaking of no good, a new Bob Woodward book co-authored by Robert Costa is now touching on General Mark Milley with post-election secret communications with the Chinese military that some Americans are calling treacherous.

I cannot confirm this. It’s his book, not mine, but it’s not a good story. We’ll pick it up a little later in the show.

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening remarks on the September 14, 2021 edition of “Kudlow.”

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