Large solar flare expected to hit Earth today


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A Category G2 geomagnetic storm is expected to hit Earth

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NS National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The Geomagnetic Storm Watch has been released for the Northern Hemisphere for Monday.

On Saturday, a large solar flare emanating from the Sun was detected. The flare – officially known as a coronal mass ejection (CME) – was observed directly toward Earth on the Sun and as we entered a period increase in solar activity, according to sky News.


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The watch says this is a “G2” event. “G5” is the worst And “G1” is the lightest.

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Possible effects are fluctuations in the power grid with voltage alarms at high latitudes. For satellites, this may have orientation irregularities and increased drag in low Earth orbit.

People from New York to Wisconsin to Washington state can see auroras in the sky.

A moderate impact to the storm is expected on October 11, while a minor impact may last till Tuesday.

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Astronomers don’t expect the flare to cause major disruption, according to the Carrington event, believed to be the largest solar storm ever observed, which struck Earth in 1859.

The Carrington event left an aurora visible in the sky even at latitudes very close to the equator, and contemporary reports have described it as brighter than the light of a full moon.

Sky News reports that there are several classes of solar flares, with the X-class being considered the most intense. Saturday’s CME was an M-Class event, the second strongest after X.

This is known as a “halo CME”, because flares that are moving directly toward Earth can be seen as a halo around the Sun.

The Biden administration is monitoring the effects of this flare-up. NOAA is tracking it.

Granthshala News’ Edward Lawrence contributed to this report.

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