Kudlow: Fed pumping cash into economy won’t tame inflation


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Consumers feared to be shaken amidst high inflation rate

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Granthshala Business host Larry Kudlow told “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Wednesday that the Federal Reserve is “pumping cash” into the economy, amid concerns that inflation will not ease inflation.

US inflation expectations hit highest level since 2013


Larry Kudlow: We have a lot more money than we know, and that’s why the Fed is doing… repurchase agreements for five basis points. They will take the money and they will give it for five basis points. They will give them a treasury bill… which is equivalent to 1.3 trillion being done every day.

…supply shortage, that ultimately [will] Do the work, don’t ask me when, but eventually, it will happen. We can open containers and we can get truck drivers, and we have to pay them a good salary. Ok? Not easy, but we can solve it, right? But the Fed continues to pull out all this cash week after week… I mean, M2 is growing at 12 or 13 percent now. We are well into this recovery … we don’t need it … it will increase inflation.

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Watch the full interview below:

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