Kudlow exposes Biden’s ‘fibs’ surrounding debt ceiling, government spending


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‘Save America. Hit the bill Really, kill all the bills,’ Kudlow says

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President Biden had a great press conference this morning. As you may be aware, he questioned the reckless spending and taxation and big government, the socialist Bernie Sanders bill.

One of the president’s wonderful claims was that the debt limit is only about past spending, where, of course, he blamed Donald Trump – but it’s not about future spending. Actually, this is completely wrong. It is a piece of propaganda that could mark a new low in the president’s trumpet.


I will not tell him a lie, because he is the President. So I’ll just say it’s a filament. But in the “fib market,” as of this morning, Mr. Biden is a stock looking to bottom. Of course, the debt limit debate is always about future spending. In fact, it is only about future spending. Because, during the Trump years, Mr. Trump and Congress, a few days ago, agreed to suspend the debt limit until September 30.

so cause Mitch McConnell And Republicans won’t support Democrats because Democrats won’t say what kind of spending and taxes and debt they’re preparing for the next budget. Emphasize “next budget” like next year.

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Kudlow shares his thoughts on Biden’s spending plan

Now, I know there’s a circular Democratic firing squad going on right now. But I’m just saying that if they ever deal, Nancy Pelosi The latest is that they have to make a deal by October 31st – that’s Halloween. If they ever do this deal, one would know what kind of borrowing is needed for the next year. But if Democrats don’t know, how can the GOP know?

And if Democrats acknowledge their reckless spending intent, the GOP will be right in opposing it and the borrowing that goes with it. I love it when President Biden blames former President Trump.

On the disastrous southern border with illegal immigration, he blames Trump. In the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, he blamed Trump. And now, on economic policy, he blames Trump, reversing many of Trump’s successes. Here is a pattern. would you say no? Biden to the victim. Blame Trump.

The trouble is, as the Biden election is approaching, the public isn’t buying it. inflation As a major problem, the public associates large government spending with high inflation. So the public opposes the Biden-Burney et al budget. It’s not difficult. Trump didn’t invent this reckless budget.

And it is interesting how Mr Biden sold the so-called Democratic moderates, as he did last Friday when he went to the House Democratic caucus and linked the infrastructure bill with the budget reconciliation bill. That’s something he and Mrs. Pelosi pledged not to do but they did anyway.

Biden calls Senate goop ‘hypocritical, dangerous and abusive’ amid debt-limit battle

Now, Biden is blaming Senator Munchkin and cinema. So, in fact, the president himself has completely eliminated any image of being a liberal. or being a unit. It’s all gone completely.

He crossed the Rubicon and is now a charter member of the far-left, progressive caucus.

So of course I have my own mantra: Save America. Hit the bill In fact, kill all the bills. But it’s going to be a big bill. Now I have some thoughts about this big bill.

At least to me it’s interesting why other so-called liberal Democrats didn’t stand behind Munchkin and Cinema. President Biden absolutely shot my friend Democrat Josh Gottheimer.

As the President and Mrs. Pelosi took Josh and his liberal friends to the cleaners – that was last Friday. But the people who want separate infrastructure votes are munchkin and cinema.

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So the question is, why didn’t Josh and his friends stand up to their cause? Josh, my friend, I speak to you, are we going to be a profile in Courage to quote our hero JFK? Or are we just going to give up our flag and surrender to the Left? Who owns it? Josh, you are always welcome to the event at any time to talk about this. You’re a good man but I’m surprised you didn’t stand up for Manchin.

Finally, guys, one last point. Out of all the people, really, AOC got something right. He said it is not about the topline number. It’s about policies under the hood. well Alright. That’s where Munchkin and Cinema are completely and completely right on the policies. Transfer schedules and eligibility must be strictly means-tested, limited in scope and limited in time.

And, perhaps the biggest “and,” of all these programs, must be the hire of work. In fact, I would add the education requirements to the workplace requirements. This is where the story of Munchkin and Cinema is exactly right. And every sane person should support them.

The far-left will not accept the Hyde Amendment, nor will the far-left, which restricts federal funding of abortion and has been the country’s law for 41 years. I believe Munchkin is completely right on this as well. But I don’t think the Left Progressives agree with any of these policy points. So this is going to be a big problem.

So let’s continue the game. Mrs Pelosi says Halloween is the new deadline. Oh my god, how fair is that? Halloween. All I would say is save America. Hit the bill In fact, kill all the bills.

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