Klobuchar, Grassley seek to block Big Tech from promoting own products over competition


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The legislation comes after reports that Amazon promoted its own knockoff versions of products listed on the platform.

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Censors Amy Klobuchar, D-Min., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Thursday unveiled a bill preventing Big Tech companies from promoting their products over others.

The legislation comes after reports that Amazon attempted to create and promote its own knockoff versions of products listed on the platform, according to a review of internal documents. Reuters.


“American prosperity was built on a foundation of open markets and fair competition, but right now our country faces the problem of monopolies, and American consumers, workers and businesses are paying the price,” Klobuchar said in a statement Thursday. “As the leading digital platforms – some of the biggest companies our world has seen – increasingly prioritize their products and services, we need policies to ensure small businesses and entrepreneurs still have the opportunity to succeed in the digital marketplace. should be made.”

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Neither senator specifically named Amazon nor any other Big Tech companies, but said the new law would give consumers more choices when using online platforms.

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The bill aims to restore competition by preventing large tech companies from using their own market power to promote their products over others.

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Google Alphabet, Inc. 2,827.36 +4.34 +0.15%
American Plan Facebook, Inc. 324.76 -3.77 -1.15%
AAPL Apple, Inc. 144.84 +1.08 +0.75%

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“As Big Tech has grown and evolved over the years, our laws have not changed to maintain and ensure that these companies are fair competition. These companies are a huge part of our daily lives and the global economy. We continue to be, control what we see and how we connect on the Internet,” Grassley said in a statement. “Big tech must be held accountable if they behave in a discriminatory manner. Our bill will help create an even playing field and ensure that small businesses are able to compete with these platforms.”

The law also prohibits Big Tech companies from discriminating against other businesses that use their platforms; Require businesses using their Platform to pay for preferred product or service placements; Misuse a business’s data to compete against them; and presenting search results in favor of the major company.

Censors are among the sponsors of the bipartisan bill. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.; Lindsey Graham, R.C.; Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.; John Kennedy, R-La.; Corey Booker, DNJ; Cynthia Lumis, R-Vyo.; Mazi Hirono, D-Hawaii; Mark Warner, D-Va.; and Josh Hawley, R-Mo.

Members of the House Antitrust Subcommittee, led by Speaker David N. Chisilin, DRI, and ranking member Ken Buck, R-Colo, introduced a similar bipartisan bill in the House.

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