Kit Kat Halloween costume for 4 people breaks apart just like the candy


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The Hershey Company Announces It Will Dress a Group of Fans Before Halloween

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Break me a piece of that Halloween costume.

While most of these group Halloween costumes share some sort of theme, it allows friends to connect with each other and be different.


Hershey recently revealed the Kit Kat Group’s Halloween costumes. according to a press release, this dress, which was named the most creative fourThe 2021 Persona Costume, from the Halloween & Costume Association, will not be available in stores.

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Anisha McMillan, director of public relations for the Halloween & Costumes Association, said, “Halloween costumes are getting more and more creative every year, and 2021 is no exception. Group costumes are on trend, and Kit Kat is turning heads with her new costume. , which is big enough to fit four people – how fun!”

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Fans can enter to win a costume by tagging up to three friends on Kit Kat’s Facebook or Instagram page. A group will be selected to receive the costume before Halloween.

Kit Kat’s senior brand manager, Benita Chang-Godoy, said, “When you have so many people who need to agree, it can be really hard to choose a group outfit, but luckily everyone likes Kit Kats. does and may agree.” “It’s time to bring out the perfect four-person Halloween costume that’s a show-stopper to wear together but also really fun to take apart.”

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Kit Kat Costume Sets

The costume is seven feet long and includes four wearable wafers and a magnetic cover.

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