Kids playing ‘Squid Game’ on playground with hitting, kicking, schools warn


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Some students are reportedly kicking or hitting other children as part of the ‘elimination’ part of the ‘squid game’.

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Children are reportedly playing their own version of the violent Netflix series “Squid Game” on a school playground.

“Squid Game” — Netflix’s “Biggest series launch ever” – tells the story of 456 people who are in dire financial straits and participate in a series of children’s games such as “Red Light, Green Light” in hopes of winning massive cash prizes. The punishment is a cruel death.


As per reports, the Korean horror series debuted on September 17 and has already become a huge hit including children.

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Schools around the world are warning parents to keep an eye on what their children are watching, amid reports that children re-enact the “squid game” during recess by punishing anyone who is allegedly harming them. are performed.

a school in belgium Earlier this month, a Facebook post told parents that children were punching children who were losing games.

“We are very vigilant to stop this unhealthy and dangerous sport,” the post translated to Parents said. “We count on your support and cooperation to raise awareness of its consequences!”

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Meanwhile, similar incidents are happening in Florida’s Bay District schools.

Last week, the district posted “Security Updates” on Facebook, informing parents that certain “Squid Game” content is being made available to children “without their parents’ knowledge”.

“As a result, some kids are trying to replicate scenes from the show at school, but what seems harmless (who didn’t play Red Light/Green Light as a kid?) isn’t actually as harmless as the games in television shows. involved ‘elimination.’

“Please make sure you are aware of the content your children are accessing online and that you talk to them about not playing violent ‘games’ at school,” the post continued. “We don’t want anyone to get hurt and we don’t want to generate discipline referrals for students who don’t really understand what they’re going through.”

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Illya Faircloth, principal of Hilland Park Elementary School in Panama City, Florida and as part of Bay District Schools, told Granthshala News that students were kicking and kicking each other as part of the “elimination” of the “squid game”. were killing.

However, Faircloth told Granthshala News that the students were not directly based on their damaging playground after the TV show “Squid Game.” According to Fairclothes, the kids also learned about the show through online videos using video game characters.

“With our younger students, they didn’t know that this was something they shouldn’t be doing,” Faircloth told Granthshala.

She said that the school authorities found out what was happening, spoke to the children involved and sent a message to the parents.

Schools in the US, Belgium, Northern Ireland and Australia are warning parents to pay attention to what their children are seeing online.  (Netflix)

She said she sent more staff to the playground for additional support, to ensure that no further incidents occurred.

“We just have to be ultra-vigilant at the school level, no matter what age group,” Faircloth said.

Faircloth said no children were seriously injured and that since school officials spoke to parents, there were no further problems with the playground.

“We haven’t really had another problem,” Faircloth said. “But, like anything, things come in waves and when it does come, we address it.”

school in Northern Ireland, UK and Australia The Facebook post also warned parents about the “squid game”.

Earlier this month, Parents Television Media Council (PTC) program director Melissa Henson wrote an op-ed that said the “squid game” was being promoted on social media to audiences who wanted to watch the series. are too small for.

Henson told Granthshala News, “Netflix must act as a gatekeeper to ensure that content harmful to minors is not distributed on their platform,” and that this includes highly sexual content such as ‘Big Mouth. And includes self-motivating content. Disadvantages, such as ’13 Reasons Why.’”

Netflix did not immediately respond to Granthshala News’ request for comment about children playing the “squid game” at school.

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According to Nemours Children’s Health, children who see violence on television “are” more likely to show aggressive behavior, and out of fear that the world is scary and that something bad will happen to them.”

The pediatric research nonprofit also noted that if children are exposed to violence in the media, it can be confusing for them to understand the difference between right and wrong and can easily frighten young children.

According to the nonprofit, the average American child will watch 200,000 violent acts on television by the age of 18.

Nemours recommends That when children watch TV, play video games or go online, parents should consider spending some of that time with their children “as an opportunity to talk and learn together.”

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According to Netflix, “Squid Game,” which has been streamed more than 111 million times since it debuted last month, has been rated TV-MA for language, violence, sex, nudity, suicide and smoking.

Although children are playing their own version of the “squid game” on the playground, adults are also going to “squid game”-themed events.

Granthshala News previously reported that a real-life “squid game” event was held in Abu Dhabi last week and that another similar event is being planned for October 24.

Granthshala News’ Courtney Moore and Granthshala Business’ Jessica Napoli contributed to this report.

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