Kathy Hilton says ‘RHOBH’ reunion left her ‘so wiped out’


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‘Real Housewives’ star joins the cast in season 11

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Kathy Hilton was exhausted after filming the season 11 reunion of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” a few weeks ago.

New cast member told Excessive The ladies spent 12 hours filming with executive producer and host Andy Cohen, and all the explosive footage resulted in a four-part special.


She admitted, “I had seen bits and pieces of the reunion while both my sisters were at it, and it made me cry.” “I have to tell you, I left that night, after that 12-hour day and got on a plane to New York. I was wiped out, I slept the whole flight, arrived in New York, I think 7: 30 or 8 in the morning and when I reached the hotel, I slept for 10 hours.”

Andy Cohen confronts ‘Rage’ star Erica over legal problems in dramatic reunion trailer

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Despite the ups and downs of the season, Hilton said she would happily return to the Bravo franchise.

“I don’t know, I’ve had a great time… First you have to see if you’re invited back, but I’ve had a great time… I love girls,” she admitted.

Explosive first-look trailer featuring fellow cast Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erica Jayne, Sutton Strake, Krystal Kung Minkoff, Dorit Kemsleyhandjob And Garcelle Beauvais, fans watch Jayne in the hot seat.

“We’re going to put you on a skewer, and I’m about to set the barbecue on fire,” Cohen warns before asking her about her husband Tom Girardi and the alleged embezzlement scandal she has committed.

Bravo protests over video of Erica visiting amid lawsuit and legal woes

Girdhari was accused of $2 million embezzled from plane crash victims In December, and the couple’s assets were frozen.

Granthshala News obtained court documents in August indicating Girardi’s law firm Had a debt of more than $100 million and Jayne, an entertainment company owned by EJ Global LLC reportedly received $25 million From Girdhari, 82.

after filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcyfirm started liquidation of your property Amid the growing case against the couple, who have been accused of seeking divorce to protect their money and assets. Jayne has not been formally charged with any crime.

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