Kansas AG candidate Kobach files suit on behalf of employers hit by the OSHA vaccine mandate


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Twenty-seven states have taken legal action against the Biden administration over the mandate

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Republican Kansas Attorney general candidate Chris Kobach announced Tuesday that he has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its controversial vaccine mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees.

“Today, I filed suit on behalf of employers affected by the OSHA vaccine mandate,” Kobach, who served as Kansas secretary of state from 2011 to 2019, tweeted Tuesday. “We need to hold off Biden’s mandate until the issues are fully litigated and resolved. Anything less will deprive Americans of liberty and impose unbearable costs on American businesses.”


Federal Court of Appeals Temporary Stay on Biden Vaccine Mandate

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Kobach, in his role as chief counsel for the Alliance for Free Citizens, said In a press release that they petitioned the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of two North Dakota companies that believe the mandate is unconstitutional.

“This vaccine mandate seeks to take the federal government where it has never gone before – in the realm of forcing unwanted vaccines into the bodies of US citizens,” Kobach said. “We have to win this battle, and we will win this battle.”

Kobach’s filing comes as 27 states sued The Biden administration on mandates, with which OSHA says companies with more than 100 employees, must comply by January 4 or face thousands of dollars in fines.

The Virginia School Board has withdrawn from the vaccine mandate in the face of resignations and staffing shortages.

On Saturday, a federal appeals court issued The mandate stalled, giving a temporary victory to those taking legal action challenging the constitutional merits of Biden’s regulation.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre answered a question in Friday’s press briefing about whether she believed the mandate would face legal challenges.


“We are very confident that it can,” said Jean-Pierre. “As far as the legal side of this, let me be absolutely clear that there is a vaccine mandate to avoid potential misinformation or misinformation around the emergency temporary standard. This is wrong on its face. As has been clear for months, it is a standard for a safe workplace to comply with either weekly testing or vaccinations.”

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