Judas Priest’s Richie Faulkner hospitalized after ‘aortic aneurysm’ on stage


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Judas Priest’s Richie Faulkner suffered a medical crisis on stage during a recent concert, leaving him hospitalized.

The musician confirmed the news to Granthshala News in a statement Tuesday evening.


“As I watch footage from the Louder Than Life Festival in Kentucky, I can see the confusion and anguish on my face that I felt while playing ‘Painkiller’ as my aorta ruptured and blood began to circulate in my chest cavity. happened.”

Rocker explained that he was suffering from “an aortic aneurysm and complete aortic dissection.”

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The 41-year-old guitarist said he has been told that most people with the disease “do not survive in the hospital” and underwent 10 and a half hours of emergency open-heart surgery.

“Five parts of my chest were replaced with mechanical components,” he said. “I’m really made of metal now.”

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Faulkner explained that he and his bandmates had a smaller set during the festival as Metallica prepared to perform after them. He wondered whether he would have played until “total collapse” if it had been a full-length set.

“If it hadn’t happened in such a high adrenaline state, would my body have been moving long enough to get to the hospital…?” She wondered.

Additionally, the medical center to which she was taken was only four miles away, certainly helping her case.

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“We can always drive ourselves crazy with these things but I’m still alive, thank you,” the musician continued. “Whatever the circumstances, the truth when watching the footage is that knowing what I know now, I see a dying man.”

Faulkner acknowledged there is a “recovery road” ahead of him, but promised he would “deliver stuff” to his fans when he was able.

“One last thing crazy, it came completely out of the blue for me – no history of a bad heart, no clogged arteries etc,” he revealed. “I have to say I don’t even have high cholesterol and that could be the end for me. If you can get yourself tested – please do it for me.”

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