John Lennon honored by Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono on 81st birthday


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Lennon was shot dead at the age of 40

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Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono honored John Lennon on his birthday in a social media post on Saturday.

Lennon would have been 81 years old. The Beatles star was shot and killed at the age of 40.


McCartney shared an old photo of Lennon and himself playing violin-style guitar.

“Happy Birthday Ideas for John-Paul,” she captioned the photo.

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Ono shared an old photo of Lennon, 46, and his son, Sean. The two shared a birthday.

“Happy Birthday John! Happy Birthday Scene! I love you! Yoko,” she wrote.

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December 8, 2020 marks 40 years since Lennon’s death. McCartney paid tribute to his former bandmate on Twitter at the time.

“A sad, sad day, but remembering my friend John brought great joy to the world,” McCartney captioned the post. “I will always be proud and happy to know and work with this incredible Scouser! X Love, Paul.”

Ringo Starr also paid tribute to the musician.

“Tuesday, 8 December 1980 we all had to say goodbye to John. Peace and love John,” written by dholak In his own tribute.

“I’m asking every music radio station in the world [to] Play ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ sometime today. Peace and love,” said the star.

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