Joe Concha: The Biden White House is trying to ‘script a presidency’


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Concha said some journalists mad at Biden have “the total audacity to cover issues where he is mightily struggling.”

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Granthshala News contributor Joe Concha joined “Granthshala and Friends First” Tuesday to call out President Joe Biden and the White House for acting selectively toward the press. Concha argued that the Biden administration is trying to “script a presidential” and that “Jen Psaki wants the press to follow.”

PSAKI Rips Republicans ‘Standing on the Border and Making Speeches,’ Though Biden Hasn’t Visited Yet


what ever: I’m old enough to remember Jen Psaki on day one saying that she and the administration, the president, will always be transparent with the American people. They will tell you the truth, even if it is something that sometimes hurts the truth. … In other words, the president is mad that some journalists … have the utter audacity to cover issues where he’s mightily struggling, which is basically every issue right now, says Jen Psaki. , Is not it? On the economy, they have a huge problem of inflation. He has a big morale of the police on the increasing crime and the problem of retirement and resignation from the police. Police reform also failed recently. On immigration, he has a huge open border problem. What you guys were talking about today, that number is now at eclipse speed, two decimal three million people are entering the country illegally. This corresponds to the population of Houston, the fourth largest city in the US.

And what do the President and Vice President do? They attack Border Patrol agents and are completely dismissed after a story that smears them as whipping racists. The press secretary does this on Afghanistan as well, which is an utter debacle, and by no means does a single person in the administration get fired over that. That’s why Jen Psaki wants the press to listen, ask only those questions that she and the White House accept. That’s why she provides the president with a list of select journalists he follows to the T when he holds press conferences. This is the reason that often when he makes a public statement, he turns his back on journalists while going out. Simply put, you can’t write a presidential script, but they’re trying to do it anyway.

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Watch the full interview here:

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