Jewish civil rights group calls out Massachusetts university after violent rally


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A man called a ‘mad Jew’ and told to ‘go home’ at a rally

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A Jewish civil rights organization is calling on the University of Massachusetts, Boston, for its inaction on an investigation into a campus organization hosting a pro-Palestinian rally that turned violent.

Shipped by the Louis D. Brandeis Center Letter The university on Tuesday demanded that it investigate the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter, which Host rally on June 24, as well as any students involved in the incident.


According to the letter, Dexter van Ziel, a reporter for CAMERA, was “intimidated, harassed and attacked” after a rally participant called him a “crazy Zionist”.

Video footage of the incident showed protesters shouting “Zionists, go home!” The van that was directed over the district, and many people gathered around it.

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While several protesters “fingered” Van Zylde, someone shouted, “Don’t give him ammunition” and “they’ll use it against us.”




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According to the letter, the protest began outside the Massachusetts State House and then protesters outside the Anti-Defamation League office.

Van Zylde told Granthshala News what she experienced at the protests were “the worst seven minutes of my life”.

As a result of the incident, Van Ziel said he did not like to go out in public too much and worried that protesters at the event would recognize him walking the streets of Boston, Massachusetts.

However, Van Zyl said that while he was fortunate enough to move on with his life after the incident, the Boston University of Massachusetts student could not.

“Let’s say I was a Jew on the campus of UMass Boston and I had to share a public space with these people,” Van Ziel said.These guys, you know, if they’re prepared to crowd me in broad daylight on the streets of Boston, the way they did, what do you think they’re going to do to a Jew on their campus, when They don’t think someone is watching? And that’s what I find very worrying.”

The letter from the Louis D. Brandeis Center states that even though the event took place off-campus, students are still responsible for their actions, according to the university. student code of conduct.

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“Mr. Van Zyl was attacked at the UMass Boston SJP event because he has been an outspoken supporter of Israel. Unfortunately, the university appears to have done nothing in the more than three months since Mr. Van Zyl has voiced his complaints. are filed, along with the documentation,” the letter stated.

The Louis D. Brandeis Center also called on the university to issue a public statement that it would defend the rights of Jewish students “for whom Zionism is an integral part of their identity.”

Dennis Katz-Prober, director of legal initiatives at the Louis D. Brandeis Center, told Granthshala News that such examples are hardly limited to the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

“Recently last year at Tufts University, [Students for Justice in Palestine] led a similar campaign of intimidation against a single Jewish student in an attempt to drive him out of the student government,” Katz-Prober said.

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Katz-Prober also said that the University of Massachusetts, Boston administration’s silence on the incident makes Jewish and pro-Israeli students wonder if they can feel safe on campus.

“I feel [Jewish and pro-Israel students] They are wondering what if they go somewhere near an event organized or organized by SJP? Are they just being harassed, attacked, targeted like Mr. Van Zyl because of their Jewish identity?” Katz-Prober asked. “No student should worry about that.”

Deven Lehman, communications director for the University of Massachusetts Boston, told Granthshala News that the university is investigating the incident, but added that the investigation is “governed by federal student privacy rules.”

Granthshala News contacted students for justice in the Palestine chapter at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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