Jessica Rabbit gets a ‘more relevant’ makeover and some fans are fuming


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First, the riders drove through Toontown in a taxi cab looking for Jessica.

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She’s trading in her red dress for a fedora.

Disneyland is making Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon spin ride “more relevant,” promoting Jessica Rabbit from a femme fatale to a detective and the star of the show.


According to Ride’s new official backstory, “Jessica Rabbit has determined it’s time to put her fedora in the ring by launching her own personal investigation service.” First reported by the Orange County Register. “Beware of Vessels, your reign of terror is over.”

Disneyland will serve up the beloved Dole Whip when theme parks reopen

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The ride at the Anaheim, California theme park is based on the 1988 Disney film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. First, riders drove through Toontown in taxi cabs looking for Jessica.

In addition to reworking Allure’s plot to be more feminist, scenes that are less politically correct have also been removed. It includes the ride’s pre-finale, as well as a scene in which a vessel opens a car trunk to reveal a sultry looking Jessica. Now that the weasel opens the trunk, the paint inside is thin.

“Big update,” wrote one recent rider of the change in instagram caption Showing rides before and currently.

However, not everyone approved the switch.

“Wait wait wait??? Did they get rid of my girl or is she coming clean and coming back?” A less-than-delighted fan commented on the post.

“Well, who complained about this?!?” Wrote another.

The ride isn’t the first that Disney has recently overhauled to be conceptually less problematic: The Jungle Cruise attraction was renovated to remove racism and reopened in July.

“It’s not a re-imagining of the whole attraction. It’s the jungle cruise you know and love, with the slippers still leading the way, and at the same time, we’re addressing negative portrayals of the natives,” Chris Beatty, Disney’s imaginative creative portfolio executive, said at that time.

To read more from the New York Post, Click here.

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