‘Jersey Shore’ alums Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D on why social media is a ‘gift and a curse’


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Reality TV shows debuted in 2009, before apps became the cultural phenomenon they are today

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Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D, best known for their time on “Jersey Shore”, have been in reality TV since the premiere of the MTV show in 2009.

When the show started twelve years old, social media apps like Twitter and Instagram were on the verge of becoming the cultural phenomenon they are today.


Vinny and Polly spoke to Granthshala News about what it meant to them to be reality TV stars before becoming “internet famous” was a regular occurrence.

“Sometimes I wish we could have social media… I would have a lot more Instagram followers and Tik Tok followers, but I mean, we got the best of both worlds. You know, like at the time, Twitter was everything. That’s why the whole world tweeted about us. It was crazy,” Vinny said while promoting the third season of his show “Double Shot at Love”.

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“Obviously, social media, in general, is a gift and a curse, because you know, all the haters and everything. And now everything travels so quickly. But at the same time, I love it. I love promoting my show. I like talking to my fans, talking to everyone, and kicking out stupid tik tok. I feel like we’ve got the best of both worlds, few reality shows experience it. Huh.”

“I love my social media,” Pauley said. “That’s how I connect with my fans. But the best thing about not having it was that there were no spoilers. [back then]. Now everything happens on social media, you know what is going on in someone’s life, but not in our shows at that time. If someone gets into a fight, you will have to wait to watch the show to know what happened.”

The pair also reflected on the iconic “Jersey Shore” note, in which housemates wrote to Sammy “Sweetheart” Giancola about Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s shady behavior at clubs.

Paulie admitted that he did not think the note would remain in disrepute. “It’s on the bedsheet now and I swear I’m deejay and someone will catch it. Fans get really creative when they put it on Feather T-shirts on everything,” he said.

He loves it when he sees Vinny in the news. “Every time something happens in the news with a written piece of paper, fans photoshop the note to look like a presidential speech or something like that,” he said. “It was such an innocent thing.”

In the new season of “Double Shot”, Paulie is trying to play the matchmaker for her best friend. Vinny told Granthshala News that he is finally ready to get serious in a relationship.

“I get a little older, I get a little wiser. I’m at this stage of my life where I’m 33, so I’ve definitely slowed down a lot. I drink once a month now. I workout every day. I care about my health and my goals. And now I have a niece. I love her so much. So at this stage in my life, I’m looking for something more important.” .

“Double Shot of Love” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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