Jerry Seinfeld apologizes for ‘Bee Movie’ and its ‘uncomfortable subtle sexual aspect’


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Seinfeld co-wrote and voiced the main character in the 2007 animated film

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Jerry Seinfeld issued a light-hearted apology for the “uncomfortable” relationship between the two main characters in his 2007 animated film “B Movie”.

The acclaimed comedian appeared on “The Tonight Show,” where he and host Jimmy Fallon discussed the fact that their hit sitcom “Seinfeld” is now streaming in full on Netflix. The two also discussed growing up, leading Seinfeld to note that he had done a lot in his 67 years. This prompted him to discuss the film and apologize for its “subtle sexual aspect”, which has been highlighted by many critics on the Internet throughout the years since its premiere.


“I apologize for a certain uncomfortable subtle sexual aspect of B Movie,” Seinfeld joked. “[It] Wasn’t really intentional, but after being exposed to it, I realized it really isn’t suitable for kids. Because it looked like Bee had a thing for a girl, and we really don’t want to pursue it as an idea in children’s entertainment.”

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For those unfamiliar, “Be Movie” was co-written by Seinfeld, who also voiced the main character. The film centered on Barry, a bee, with Renée Zellweger playing a human female. Part of the plot focuses on the friendship that two characters of different species have. However, upon reflection, many people on the Internet have noted the fact that relationships tend to get a little romantic at times, leading to countless memories about the “B Movie”. Entertainment Weekly Note, however, that the film is about more than the relationship of the two characters. It also has a legal drama running through it after Barry the Bee sues mankind for exploiting bees for their honey.

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Still, the bizarre legal aspect of “B Movie” isn’t what people remember more than a decade later. Furthermore, Seinfeld isn’t the first of the creative minds behind the film to discuss its reception with audiences primarily as strange. In 2017, talking to The News StatesmanIn this article, director Steve Hickner and co-writer Barry Marder discuss the enduring, less-than-stellar legacy of “B Movie”.

“It was never going to be sexual or anything like that,” Hickner explained at the time. “It was totally this friendship… Maybe in Barry’s mind he thought… but it was never going to happen.”

The writer noted that the film was “weird to begin with” and noted that, at last, he understood public criticism of the film.

Fellow writer Spike Ferstein also said that people are either “amusing or disgusted” with the film.

“I suspect it’s the strange relationship between an insect and a human woman,” he concluded. “

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