‘Jeopardy!’ champion Matt Amodio finally loses, ending winning streak at 38 games


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He won the second most games behind only long ‘Jeopardy’! Champion Ken Jennings

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“Danger!” But Matt Amodio’s record breaking winning streak! After 38 wins and $1,518,601 in total prize money is officially finished.

On Monday Ph.D. The New Haven, Connecticut student eventually lost the first game to Jonathan Fisher, an actor from Coral Gables, Florida. The two were locked in an intensely competitive match for the entire game, which eventually saw Fischer win by a small margin. The game was difficult for Amodio thanks in large part to their competition. In addition to Fisher, Jessica Stephens, a statistical research specialist in Nashville, Tennessee, also led at various points throughout the night.


When it was all said and done, Emodio actually came in third with $5,600. Fischer finished with $29,200 and Stephens finished just behind him with $28,799. It finally comes down to the ultimate danger! Question. The clue under the category “Countries of the World” asked which countries Nazi Germany divided and divided into the regions of the Alps and the Danube. The answer was “What is Austria,” which Amodio was the only contestant to remember.

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“Everyone is so smart and so capable that it can happen in any sport,” Amodio said in a press release. “And this time it did.”

Amodio garnered an impressive number of accolades during his time on the show, chief among them “Joopardy!” Becoming the person with the second highest number of wins. History, Undefeating James Holzhauer. He is second only to Ken Jennings, who won the first 74 games. He also sits in the top three behind Holzauer and Jennings with the most total wins to date in regular gameplay.

‘Danger’ contestant breaks record for lowest score during Lever Burton’s first appearance as guest host

Another interesting accolade that Emodio can boast is winning the most games under the most hosts. As the show spent much of 2021 passing through the revolving doors of guest hosts, Emodio made his debut with Robin Roberts at the back of the podium before winning another week’s game under LeVar Burton. He would go on to win under David Faber, Joe Buck, Mike Richards (before his controversial exit from the show) and Mayim Bialik.

“I’ve always wanted to be a ‘Jeopardy! Champion, and I made it happen,’” Amodio concluded of his time on the show. “I know every time I go into a trivia game that I play I’m going to come up with a little intimidation factor. But at the same time, I love the badge it represents. As someone who has knowledge and things to do Prioritizes knowing, it’s really nice to follow me everywhere.”

Luckily for Emodio fans, he will return to the show to compete in the “Tournament of Champions”.

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