‘Jeopardy!’ champ Matt Amodio lands No. 2 spot on all-time wins list


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In notching win number 33, Emodio tops 2019 breakout champion James Holzhauer

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matt amodio Your “danger!” Hot Streak Alive Friday—reached another game show milestone with their 33rd win. This placed him second on the list of all-time consecutive wins behind only Ken Jennings, who holds a record of 74.

In notching win number 33, Emodio topped 2019 breakout champion James Holzauer. The 30-year-old Emodio’s total cash winnings currently stands at $1,267,801. Since first appearing on the show’s July 21 episode, he has answered more than 1,000 clues correctly.


Amodio, a fifth year computer science Ph.D. The Yale University nominee is only the third person in the show’s history to have grossed more than $1 million in regular season games. He is still behind Holzauer ($2,464,216 in total wins) and Ken Jennings ($2,522,700).

“Ken has always been the face of ‘Danger’! To me, so when I think of ‘Danger,’ I think of him,” Amodio said in a statement when asked about Jennings. “To [be] There’s a surreal experience right behind that.”

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During its appearance on the show, Emodio has displayed extensive knowledge on history, literature, arts and entertainment, science, geography and other subjects. He has become an admirer for his polite demeanor and sense of humor (despite his habit of saying “what is” in his responses with people’s names that, grammatically, he should say “who is”).

In Friday’s episode, Emodio won $55,400 after getting all three Double Jopardi squares (correcting two of them) and providing the correct question in the final Jopardi. As has often been the case during Amodio’s run, the game was a runaway: two other contestants went into final trouble, leaving behind the reigning total cash by a large margin.

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Last week, Holzhauer, a professional sports gambler, threw some shade after Amodio’s 23rd win. “When you order something online versus when it arrives,” he shouted in a Tweet, side-by-side photos showing their respective total cash winnings after 23 wins – Holzhauer at $1,780,237, more than double Amodio’s $825,801 at the time. Amodio replied“I thought there must have been a more attractive person on the left in these memes.”

“Jeopardy!”, now in syndication’s 38th season, produced by Sony Pictures TV, is currently hosted by Mayim Bialik. Sony said Bialik and Ken Jennings “Jopardie!” will be the host. For the rest of the year the studio searches for a permanent host to replace the late Alex Trebek.

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In August, the former “Danger!” Executive Producer Mike Richards was named host, before this He stepped down after nine days Following insensitive comments made on previous podcasts, “The Price Is Right” resurfaced with two previous discrimination lawsuits from its time as an EP. Sony later fired Richards.

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