‘Jeopardy!’ champ Matt Amodio gets recognition from Ken Jennings after breaking yet another record


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Matt Amodio has won 35 games of ‘Jeopardy! in a row

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Matt Amodio calls his “Jeopardy!” to continue. The winning streak on Monday, breaking yet another record in the history of the show.

A PhD student from New Haven, Conn., closed last week’s gameplay with a major milestone when he defeated James Holzhauer as contestant with the second-most consecutive wins in the show’s history. With 33 wins at that time – 35 now – Amodio is officially second only to Ken Jennings, who still has a commanding lead with 74 wins.


However, a move made in Tuesday’s episode during Final Jeopardy really made the king of the game take notice on Twitter.

‘to risk!’ Guest host Ken Jennings pays tribute to Alex Trebek, reacts on Twitter

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Emodio closed the show on Tuesday with an incredibly risky final Jeopardy bet that ultimately earned him the “Jeopardy!” History. Yahoo reports that, after scoring $41,800 more than the next highest competitor, Final Clues bid a whopping $37,000, which could have cost him not only the game but his winning streak as well.

Luckily, he got the answer right and earned a total of $83,000 in one game.

Ken Jennings said to host ‘Danger’! ‘Nerve-Racking’ I Wish Alex Trebek Was Still Here

As they always do, “Danger!” Fans quickly took to Twitter to marvel at the risky move and congratulated the record-breaking contestant. However, perhaps the greatest honor is “Danger!” Came across from Manyata’s simple one-word tweet. Master, Jennings.

“Wow,” he wrote in the comments Posted about the big win.

“Now if I could only smell that Ken Jennings from the #Jeopardy winner’s podium,” amodio joked in response.

Before Amodio the legendary “Danger!” Was asked about the second place after. contestants, noting that he has great respect for them.

“Ken has always been the face of ‘Danger’! To me, that’s why when I think of ‘Danger’ I think of him,” Amodio said (via a press release). “To [be] There’s a surreal experience right behind that.”

If her winning streak continues, Amodio may actually be a contestant on the show while Jennings is the host. It was confirmed in September that Jennings would split hosting duties with Mayim Bialik this season as the show seeks a new permanent host after a dispute that surrounded Mike Richards before his exit.

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