‘Jeopardy!’ announces Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings will split hosting duties for the year with no guest hosts


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Sony Pictures Television previously implied that a new string of guest hosts would take over.

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“Danger!” A string of guest hosts have abandoned their initial idea of ​​returning after Mike Richards’ exit, opting instead to bring on Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings for the rest of the year.

Sony Pictures Television confirmed to Granthshala News that Bialik will host the show for several weeks starting Monday that will air until November 5. After that, he and Jennings will split hosting duties as their respective schedules allow.


Sony Pictures Television announced Richards as its first choice to replace Alex Trebek. However, when he was stepping down after inappropriate comments made on the podcast, the company said it would return to the revolving door of guest hosts while it seeks a replacement. Now, the new announcement means those plans have gone out the window.

An obvious choice to fill Bialik, when Richards was initially announced as the new guest host, the “Call Me Cat” star is also expected to host an upcoming crop of spinoffs and special event games such as ABC’s “Jeopardy.” was tapped for. ! National College Championship.”

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Ken Jennings said to host ‘Danger’! ‘Nerve-Racking’ I Wish Alex Trebek Was Still Here

In August, shortly after Richards stepped down, “Danger!” announced that Bialik would temporarily take over regular season play. They were announced as a tapeing of three weeks of episodes before more guest hosts were announced.

The idea for a guest host occurred while Richards was serving as an executive producer on the show. However, he was soon removed from his position and it now appears that plans to restart the search for guest hosts were in the works until Bialik and Jennings were tapped.

‘to risk!’ Guest host Ken Jennings pays tribute to Alex Trebek, reacts on Twitter

Jennings is also a clear front-runner as the replacement host. Not only is he still the record-holder for most consecutive wins and total earnings, but he was the first person to turn guest host on the show following the death of longtime game helmer, Alex Trebek, in 2020.

What happened after guests filled the space for more than a year before Richards was eventually named host. The announcement of Bialik and Jennings as his replacements comes between Richards’ first and final week as host of the show, which he filmed ahead of his time backstage, which ended in scandal.

Richards called “Jopardy!” Five episodes were pre-taped. before stepping down as host. Those episodes couldn’t be restarted or replayed without sacrificing the integrity of the game as well as defending champion Matt Amodio’s winning streak.

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