James Denton on filming a Hallmark bedroom scene with Teri Hatcher: ‘Boy, these aren’t the old days’


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Former ‘Desperate Housewives’ stars reunite for Hallmark’s ‘A Kiss Before Christmas’

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James Denton and Teri Hatcher will be seen together on screen for the first time since “Desperate Housewives” ended in 2012.

The pair stars in Hallmark’s “A Kiss Before Christmas” this holiday season, which is part of the network’s annual “Countdown to Christmas” programming.


“It doesn’t look like it’s been nine years,” Hatcher, 56, told Granthshala News. “It’s one of those situations where I know a lot of time has passed, but it feels like no time has passed … I tell people it’s like putting on my old favorite cashmere robe. Very cozy and comfortable and I just want to stay in it forever.”

“It’s been an experience working with you,” the 58-year-old actress told Denton.

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In the film, Denton plays real estate development executive Ethan Holt, who has a wife named Joyce (Hatcher) and two teenage children. On Christmas Eve, Holt learns that he is losing out on a major promotion, which makes him wish his life had been completely different. And with a little Christmas magic, that wish becomes a reality.

Waking up the next morning, Holt learns that he is not married to Joyce and has no children. It is Joyce who becomes the secret to helping Holt regain his original life and the family he loves.

Denton, who also serves as an executive producer, said he was forced to call Hatcher when the project came his way.

“I had a responsibility to make a movie for myself on the Hallmark Channel,” he explained. “I met up with writer Mark Amato, and said, ‘I have to find something right for my age.’ Usually it’s what little kids like 30 fall in love with. So we had to do something that made sense for a boy in the middle of his life. Mark came up with the idea that a little bit ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and a bit of ‘Heaven can wait.’”

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“I liked the idea of ​​it, but then we needed an actress who could make two people believe that I wanted to work with her,” he continued. “So once I contacted Teri, and she incredulously said she would do it, everyone got excited… It was like a rollercoaster from there. It was really, really fun.”

Hatcher said he didn’t think twice to say yes.

“I was so excited that he asked me out,” she said. “I really couldn’t believe she even thought I wouldn’t do it… The script was so catchy. I thought it was a great opportunity for us to work together again.”

In “Desperate Housewives”, Denton played Mike Delfino opposite Hatcher. She starred as Susan Meyer who would later become Susan Delfino when she married Denton’s character. The hit ABC series ran for eight seasons from 2004 to 2012.

Denton said the reunion would also be a special treat for fans who killed Delfino before the show wrapped.

“People are saying, ‘Oh my god, at least we get to see you guys together and happy,’ opposite me lying on her lap and bleeding out on ‘Desperate Housewives,’” Denton quipped. . “Even when we started working on this together, it was tempting to come back to the old character and be Mike Delfino again. I had to resist it in the beginning because that’s what we’re used to.”

But not everything seemed the same on the set. Denton noted that filming bedroom scenes for a Hallmark movie is completely different than what “Desperate Housewives” is accustomed to.

“It took some of the pressure off, but it also took some fun out,” he joked. “Initially, we shot a bedroom scene and she is wearing silk pajamas, long sleeves, long pants, like boys, these are not the old days. But it was great. The problems we are dealing with are the same Everyone deals with this in real life. We’re all about money going to bed and our kids going to college… so even though it’s a very different format and more clothes, the problems are the same.”

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Teri Hatcher will be game for a 'Desperate Housewives' reboot — under one condition.

“I am the one who [wasn’t] Barely anyone dressed in the scenes!” shouted Hatcher, recalling.

While “Desperate Housewives” ended nearly a decade ago, Hatcher said she wouldn’t completely rule out a reunion for that series. And she also came up with a unique idea for a possible reboot.

“I have this scenario where Susan goes on and becomes a JK Rowling-level of children’s book writer,” she explained. “Because that’s what I was doing on the show. And I make so much money that I hire a bunch of people to make a mike robot that I live with, you can’t tell the difference… Really great abs and that would be my fantasy. Susan and her mic robot. I think we should do it.”

“Count me,” replied Denton.

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It was James Denton who reunited with Teri Hatcher.

The pair said that they are ready to take on another project together. As real-life friends, their love has lasted over the years.

“Even though we had traded some emails and texts — Terry went to chef school right after ‘Housewives,’ I moved to Minnesota — we kept in touch … physically in the same place since he was in front of my ghost. Went away in the yard,” Denton said.

“But it’s one of those kinds of friendships — and I have it with Dean. [Cain] From ‘Superman’ – where you don’t necessarily see each other all the time, or even talk so often, but just know that if you need anything, we’re there for each other “Chemistry is the sort,” Hatcher shared. Of a momentary, mysterious thing. And we clearly have. We worship each other. Now I am pushing for a new series. I don’t know what that is, but maybe we’ll figure it out.”

“A Kiss Before Christmas” premieres Sunday, November 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

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