Is Amazon looking to leave Seattle?


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CEO Andy Jesse says ties with Seattle’s city council have gotten ‘tough’

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it’s no secret that SeattleThe city council of Amazon and its headquarters has been going through a rough patch for several years now, and CEO Andy Jesse gave his take on the situation this week.

While Jassi says there will always be people in retail, Amazon is looking outside the Emerald City as it expands — and there’s no guarantee that Seattle will remain a home base.


Amazon will make masks mandatory in warehouses for all its employees

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“I think our relationship with Seattle had its ups and downs, clearly,” Jesse said during an interview in 2021. geekwire summit. “I think the first 20-ish years [were] Very cooperative,” he said, noting that when Amazon decided to build its campus, the council was “very supportive and insistent.”

But over the past five years, he said, “the city council has become less enamored with business or with Amazon,” adding, “it just got more difficult.”

In 2018, Seattle launched a so-called “main taxAimed at Amazon and the city’s other large employers, that would have charged the city a $275 annual fee per employee for companies that make $20 million or more.

Amazon expands to 25,000 employees in Seattle suburb: report

Being based in Seattle would cost Amazon about $60 million a year, most of which was aimed at addressing homelessness in the city.

The company, which employs more than 50,000 people in the area, responded by threatening to stop construction on its downtown buildings at the time. Following pressure from business groups, the council repealed the measure.

amazon spend $1.5 million The next year was more favorable for businesses on the council’s candidate campaigns, but was unsuccessful in most of the races. The council implemented a more modest version of the head tax.

In March last year, Amazon opened a shelter in Seattle to help at-risk families.

Jeff, the former CEO and founder of Amazon, said, “Constructed inside the Amazon office building at our Seattle headquarters, the largest family shelter in Washington State has already provided safe haven for 700 people, serving more than 130,000 meals to guests , and have welcomed 26 children.” Bezos said in a statement marking the one-year anniversary of the facility. “Thank you to the Mary Place and Amazon teams for their hearts and their dedication to making The Regrade Shelter a valuable resource to our community.”

Meanwhile, far-right members of the Seattle city council are pushing for a higher tax on Amazon, unaffected by the prospect of businesses like Amazon leaving the unfriendly territory.

Kshama Sawanti

Council member Kshama Sawant has been a vocal critic of the company. One Tweet His article from roughly a year ago read, “We need a people’s budget that protects the police by at least 50%, defies austerity by increasing the Amazon tax on pandemic profiteers, renters and homeowners.” Saves U.S. owners from evictions and foreclosures, organizes to build Fund Renters Fight #CancelRent, Fund the Green New Deal.”

Sawant did not immediately respond to Granthshala Business for comment on Amazon. After toppling Democrats for her position in 2013, she is currently facing a recall.

But the new Amazon CEO says the animosity of Seattle’s city council members has grown much more in recent years.

“First of all, we don’t think of HQ1 to be Seattle,” Jassy told the GeekWire crowd. “We really think of it as Puget Sound. We have a lot of people in Seattle, but we also have a lot of people in Bellevue and that’s where most of our growth will end.”

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