IPO market not ‘slowing down’ anytime soon: Expert


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More private companies will come to public markets, says Mike Murphy

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Rosecliff Capital CEO and managing partner Mike Murphy said on Granthshala Business’s “Morning with Maria” Friday that the IPO market will not slow down anytime soon, noting that “great private companies can go public” and pave a path to profitability. .

US stocks fall in early trading of the week


Mike Murphy: What the US market is telling you: Great private companies can go public. There is a market for them.

And so you’re looking… Technology Companies that were doing well in the private markets have their way to reach the public markets. They have a path to liquidity, a path to profitability, a path for founders and shareholders to liquidate and make money on their investments.

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So I think the IPO market right now is about as good as I’ve ever seen. And the key, though, is I don’t see it slow. We still have hundreds of great unicorn companies worth a billion dollars or more, 800 of them. So there are many more private companies that you will see coming in the public markets through IPOs, through direct listings, through SPACs as well.

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