Ingraham: Biden doesn’t understand cherished freedoms


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Biden held a town hall in Baltimore on Thursday and flew to New Castle, Del., late Friday

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In her “Ingraham Angle” commentary on Friday, host Laura Ingraham spoke with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper about President Biden’s stellar performance at his Baltimore town hall — as well as what Delaware Democrat and his top medical adviser Anthony Fauci tried to do. to continue. Eliminate Americans from gathering or exercising their freedom under the ‘new normal’ paradigm of the Democrats.

Reporting live from Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi, before a remarkable mass setting—at which ex-New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning would retire his #10 at his collegiate alma mater, Ingraham pointed to the incident as further evidence that People naturally want to express their freedom to assemble and pursue their own happiness:


“This football tradition is a big part of life not only here in the South, but also in the Midwest, West Coast and New England where I am from. Once a week, every fall, we gather together in our homes, bar In the stadium and at the tailgate, to cheer for our favorite teams. This is what they call the ‘old’ normal. This is America,” he said.

“We told you a year and a half ago that the tragedy of the pandemic was being measured not only in the number of people lost, but in how much we lost our culture and traditions in the process.”

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Ingraham said that many powerful people, especially the Left, have presumably sought to rule by emergency and by mandate; “we[ing] Temporary COVID to create a new normal.”

The host noted that the majority of the “Blue State of America” ​​is still forced to obey or obey other COVID orders in public settings – something that is true in Washington – along with the contiguous Beltway counties in Maryland Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York City, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

“With some exemptions allowed, they will kick you out, fire you, and even shame you for not complying with the vaccine mandate. Thousands of Americans have been out of their jobs in the past week. It’s done,” she said.

“Though Joe Biden said last night that such concerns were overblown,” the host continued, playing a clip of Biden claiming that the mandates are “working” – and that the “people’s All this stuff about letting go” is “not true”. Picture.

Ingraham reported that Biden scoffed at the idea of ​​people wanting to exercise their constitutional liberties:

“Freedom. I have the liberty to kill you with my COVID,” Biden said, laughing to the crowd in Charm City. “No, I mean come on – freedom.”

“We understand that Americans have an inherent right to self-determination,” Ingraham later replied. “We understand that life is full of risks, and we know we can manage those risks better than in Washington, DC.”

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“For us… we’ll have fun with family and friends, and be ready to play for our teams. Knowing they’ll make mistakes, we’ll be loyal and hopeful about next season. It’s part of the tradition That the Left hates. They like to break conventions,” she continued.

“Life is too short to be sad and sad as they are on the Left. I’ve never seen anyone hate their team as much as the Left hates America.”

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