‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ actress Annaleigh Ashford responds to Paula Jones’ claims of inaccuracy


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Jones accused former President Bill Clinton of exposing himself to him in 1994

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Actress Annaleigh Ashford responded to criticism of the real-life theme portrayed on “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” Paula Jones.

A former Arkansas state employee, Jones played a key role in the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton in 1994, when he accused him of exposing himself and allegedly proposing her for oral sex in a hotel room, while he was the governor. The case was eventually settled for $850,000, but it encouraged Ken Starr to expand his investigation into the then-president’s finances.


The full test runs in Ryan Murphy’s “Impeachment: American Crime Story”, which Jones had previously slammed as “cartoonish-y” and lamented that he was never approached to consult on his own story.

talking to Los Angeles TimesAshford, who wears a prosthetic nose and tries her best to portray Jones as “headed over and into a world she doesn’t understand”, said she rejects criticism of the real-life subject. Understands, but hopes she sees the care that went into it shaping her performance.

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“It probably feels very uncomfortable that your story is told while you’re still around to tell it yourself,” she explained. “But I hope she can see how much love we really gave her.”

talking to inside version In September, Jones called the dramatization “wrong”. She had a problem with one scene in particular in which she and her husband tried to take advantage of the situation to get her an acting role.

“That’s far from the truth,” Jones said.

She also complained that the show did not contact her to consult on a story about the most difficult moment of her life.

Monica Lewinsky reveals her ‘biggest regret’

“How can they portray someone correctly if they don’t even call them that?”

Meanwhile, she noted that Monica Lewinsky was brought in to help produce the show and to consult on the script for each episode.

“I find it strange that Monica could have an affair in the Oval Office, under the Oval Desk, yet … people want to hear her story,” Jones continued, “that doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Although Lewinsky was a part of the show’s production, she has previously said she tried not to shy away from showing her own culpability in a case that shook the nation and led to a historic impeachment.

speaking in an interview with Hollywood ReporterIn this article, writers Sarah Burgess and Lewinsky explain how difficult it was to tell the story honestly, knowing that every word would be filtered through a real-life theme.

However, given the show’s desire to portray events through the eyes of the women involved, many have questioned whether Lewinsky’s involvement has led to a favorable treatment of her story compared to others such as Jones.

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