‘I’m a paraplegic’: Bodycam video shows Dayton officers drag man from car


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The arrest of an Ohio man is being investigated by the Dayton Police Department’s Bureau of Professional Standards.


Clifford Owensby, a paraplegic, was forcibly pulled from his car during a traffic stop on 30 September. Dayton Police Department releases bodycam footage In which an officer is shown grabbing a handful of hair while pulling Owensby out of the car.

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Police said they pulled over Owensby when they saw his car exit a suspected drug house. Once an officer identified him and saw a criminal record, he asked Owensby to get out of the car so that K-9 could perform an “open-air sniff” test, police said.

Owensby told the officer that he could not get out of the car and was paralyzed. Police said he turned down the officer’s offer to help him get out of the car.

The video shows Owensby calling someone and asking them to testify and record their encounter with the police. Eventually, officers get inside the car and escort Owensby out.

The Dayton Police Department released bodycam footage showing an officer grabbing a handful of Clifford Owensby’s hair while pulling it out of the car. (Credit: Dayton, Ohio – City Gov.)

“I’m a paralytic, brother,” shouted Owensby as officers held him. “You can hurt me.”

Once on the ground, officers kneeled on Owensby’s back, screaming in pain. With a handful of hair, one of them can be seen pressing Owensby’s face to the sidewalk.

Once on the ground, officers kneeled on Clifford Owensby’s back, screaming in pain. One of them pressed his face to the sidewalk with a handful of hair. (Credit: Dayton, Ohio – City Gov.)

In handcuffs, officers followed Owensby into the back of a patrol car. Her feet were dragged to the ground – causing her pants to drop at her ankles and exposing her underwear along the way.

Owensby’s shoes also fell during the arrest. Officers can be seen throwing them back into Owensby’s car.

Police said an unprotected child was also in the car until an officer removed the 3-year-old. Investigators said they also found a bag of cash worth $22,450, which was reported by K-9.

The Police Department’s Bureau of Occupational Standards began an investigation into the incident the next day. Dayton’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) reviewed the matter and sided with the officers, saying that officers “used the least amount of force to remove Mr. Owensby from the vehicle.”

“The officers followed the law, their training and departmental policies and procedures,” the FOP said in a statement. One of the fundamental ideologies of our society.”

Nevertheless, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley called the video “relatable”.

“No matter where you live or how you look, everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect when dealing with Dayton Police,” Whale said in a statement. Statement to WOIO. “Soon after this conversation, the City released body camera footage and a full investigation is already underway. Dayton is committed to our ongoing community-led police reform process and to providing transparency in situations like this.” “

The case also caught the eye of prominent civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump, who advocated for Owensby on Twitter.

“Dayton PD pulled over Clifford Owensby and violently kicked him out of the vehicle after learning he was a paralyzed who couldn’t use his legs,” Crump tweeted. “The police should treat citizens with respect. Instead, the police had no respect for the well being of this man. Unacceptable!”

This story was reported from Atlanta.

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